20 Surprising Health Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

Health Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

A member of the mulberry family, the fig tree is found in parts of Western Asia and is an extremely popular fruit. While the fruit is usually dried and consumed around the year, the real fruit is seasonal. Figs are rich in vitamins and minerals and have abundance of fiber present. It also contains potassium, sodium, manganese, calcium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium and iron. Being enriched in these constituents it has many health benefits. Here we give you a list of some surprising benefits of figs (Anjeer).

20 Health Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

To give you a gist of the many benefits of figs, we have listed the 20 most efficient benefits that have improved the health and well being of we humans. Have a look!

1. Induces Weight Loss

While consuming figs with milk can help gain weight after suffering from any illness, consuming the right amount of figs can help in weight loss. When the nutrients present in fig are consumed in the right quantity, the fiber helps in reducing fat, hence promoting weight loss.

2. Curbs Constipation

With our diet turning so absurd because of our daily regime, constipation is a common health ailment. Irregular bowel movements can cause extreme discomfort and could result to other diseases as well, if not taken at the right time. Consuming figs helps in improving the fiber content in our body, thus helping in regulating the bowel movement. Hence consumption of figs are recommended to prevent constipation.

3. Improves Heart Health By Preventing Coronary Heart Disease

Being enriched in fatty acids like phenol, Omega-3 and Omega 6, figs are essentials for the heart. It helps in preventing coronary heart disease caused to deposition of fat on the walls and arteries around the heart. If one is looking at a natural way to reduce levels of triglycerides, the most effective way is to consume fig leaves. Fig leaves have known properties that reduce the mentioned levels and also protect the heart accordingly.

4. Effective In Lowering Cholesterol

The presence of the soluble fiber, pectin in figs has been found extremely effective in lowering cholesterol. Pectin enhances bowel movements and cleans up excess cholesterol and excretes it out of the body. Being a soluble fiber, pectin is also effective in preventing colon caner and other types of abdominal cancer.

5. Prevents Breast Cancer Post Menopause

Properties that effectively eliminate free radicals and cancer causing elements, figs have been largely consumed for preventing post menopausal breast cancer. The hormonal imbalance caused after menopause affects the body’s immunity and in turn affects the ability to fight cancer or free oneself from free radicals. Hence consumption of figs is recommended in this case to enable the body to defend itself from diseases.

6. Help In Lowering Sugar Levels In Diabetic Patients

Being rich in pottasium, figs helps in absorbing sugar after one consumes meal. It also reduces the insulin requirement by a diabetic patient to control sugar levels. The fiber content of figs help digesting the food, which also restricts the production of sugar while emulsifying it.

7. Effective In Regulating High Blood Pressure

The increase level of sodium with a decrease in the potassium level causes hypertension or high blood pressure. Excessive sodium could be because of the salt intake. However to maintain levels of sodium and improve the potassium content, figs are the best supplements to have. They provide the body with the right amount of pottasium that helps in reducing high blood pressure.

8. Prevents Colon Cancer

As previously mentioned, the ability to eliminate free radicals and cancer causing cells, figs are highly defensive and work well to increase immunity. Enhancing the digestion and bowel movement, the fiber content in the fig plays a major role in removing these cancer causing agents that can effect the colon thus causing colon cancer.

9. Helps In Strengthening Bones

The presence of calcium and phosphorous are extremely essential strengthening bones and enhancing the regrowth ability during the time of injury. Figs have both calcium and phosphorous and is a wholesome food for the bones. It also helps in preventing osteoporosis, that could cause brittle bones that could be easily breakable.

10. Work Effectively For Sexual Dysfunction

Consuming soaked figs every morning helps in enhancing sexual abilities and can work effectively on sexual problems like sexual dysfunction and sterility. It works on endurance and erectile dysfunction, however this property of fig is due to the presence of the various vitamins and minerals.

11. Effective In Treating Bronchitis

The natural chemicals present in fig leaves are extremely effective in treating respiratory disorders. It helps to unclog bronchi-oles that get affected when one suffers from Bronchitis.

12. Reduces Throat Pain

Throat pain is highly reduced with the consumption of figs. The mucilage content in the figs help reduce stress on the throat, thus relieving throat pain. The natural juice that oozes from figs, have a soothing effect on throat.

13. Prevents Urinary Calcium Loss

High sodium content in body leads to excessive calcium loss during urination. In order to prevent the urinary calcium loss, there should be enough pottasium present in the body to reduce the effect of the high sodium. Hence consuming figs is extremely beneficial for preventing urinary calcium disorder.

14. Prevents Venereal Disease

Consumption as well as application of fig has been proved to be effective in curing various sexually transmitted diseases and infections. It is used for topical application and for ingestion as a calming salve for those suffering with venereal disease.

15. Preventing Vision Loss From Macular Degeneration

Aging is unavoidable, however we can prolong the process by various means. Consumption of figs also acts as anti-aging element and prevents symptoms of aging. Most suffer from vision loss due to macular degeneration. Ingestion of figs can he prevent this.

16. Improves Liver Health

Rich in alkines, polyphenols and flavonoids are extremely essential in maintaining the liver health. Alkines maintain the pH level, while polyphenols and flavonoids act as anti-oxidants and help in preventing the damage caused by free radicals.

17. Effective As An Laxative

Figs are extremely effective in improving digestion due to the presence of fiber content. This helps is emulsifying fat from the food consumed, hence reducing any feeling of bloating and eases out any digestive abrupt-ions.

18. Relief For Asthma

Mucilage comes to action during an asthma attack. The helps relaxing the lungs and the muscles and helps in opening up the airway pipe for better and improved breathing. The presence of mucilage in fig make it an essential product to prevent asthma and cure for it.

19. Effective In Piles

Being an anti-bacterial, figs can be used to treat piles. When applied topically or ingested, the natural chemicals helps to smoothen the excretion flow and helps making the excretion passage healthy.

20. For Preventing Wrinkles

Not just internal aging symptoms, but figs have properties to curb external symptoms of aging as well.

Applying a paste of fig on the face on a regular basis, helps in enhancing its elasticity of the skin and keeps it tightened for a longer time, hence preventing signs of aging.

With these we wind up the top 20 benefits of figs and would definitely recommend one to try it out and experience the wellness and goodness of the fig fruit. However, if consuming fig causes bleeding after surgery and other side effect, one should definitely seek medical advise at the earliest.

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