How To Handle Hair That Has A Straight Top And Curly Bottom


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A curling or flat heating tool can help you curl or straighten the hair for getting the desired hairstyle and get rid of the combination hair pattern.

Heat Treatment

Opt for sulphate-free and silicone-free hair care products because silicone can weigh down the hair, making them straight.

Using The Right Hair Care Products

Go for hair gels with herbal ingredients, so they can keep the curls in place for a longer duration.

Hair Gels

Ponytail destroys the front hair strands, making the curls fall out. So avoiding this hairstyle can help in gradually regaining the curls.

Avoid Ponytails

If you love to keep the curls intact, regularly moisturize the top layer of the hair so it can assist the curly hair pattern to some extent.

Keep The Hair Moisturized

This is another way of making the top hair curly just like the bottom ones. With proper care and maintenance, the perms last for 3-6 months easily.


To get the best look for hair that is straight on top but curly on the button, you can try different hairstyles. This includes bob hairstyles, pixie hairstyles and wavy curly hairstyles.

Trying Different Hair Cuts

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Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath But Straight On Top?