Why Is My Hair Curly Underneath But Straight On Top?

why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top

Sometimes we worry about the pattern of our hair, which can be curly underneath and straight at the top. The fact is that it is quite normal to have a pattern of curls and straight hair at the same time. It is also possible for the curls can change over time. Read on to know more.

Why Do We Have Mixed Hair Patterns At The Same Time?

Our genetics are the primary determinant of our hair pattern. The curly hair gene might not be completely dominant and can remain dormant till it gets activated. Upon activation, the hair follicle shape changes, resulting in a change in the hair growing from it.

Lifestyle and stress are the other factors affecting your pattern of hair besides genetics. The hormones can alter the thickness and curl patterns of hair quickly.

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Ways To Handle Hair That Has A Straight Top And Curly Bottom

Based on your choice of straight or curly hair, here are some ways you can follow to look better with mixed hair types:

1. Heat Treatment

Decide if you want curly or straight hair. A curling or flat heating tool can help you curl or straighten the hair for getting the desired hairstyle and get rid of the combination hair pattern.

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2. Using The Right Hair Care Products

Opt for sulphate-free and silicone-free hair care products because silicone can weigh down the hair, making them straight. Sulfate causes the hair to dry out quickly. Use the water-soluble silicones when you are using silicone-based products for enhancing the slides.

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3. Hair Gels

Go for hair gels with herbal ingredients, so they can keep the curls in place for a longer duration. Apply a bit more on the top layer of hair. Another way is twirling the curled lock around the finger with the use of holding gel to achieve similar results.

4. Avoid Ponytails

Ponytail destroys the front hair strands, making the curls fall out. So avoiding this hairstyle can help in gradually regaining the curls

5. Keep The Hair Moisturized

Wet hair can be seen to be curly compared to dry ones. So, if you love to keep the curls intact, regularly moisturize the top layer of the hair so it can assist the curly hair pattern to some extent. Alternatively, you can also pin your hair when it is wet, to get more defined curls.

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6. Perming

This is another way of making the top hair curly just like the bottom ones. With proper care and maintenance, the perms last for 3-6 months easily.

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7. Trying Different Hair Cuts

To get the best look for hair that is straight on top but curly on the button, you can try different hairstyles. This includes bob hairstyles, pixie hairstyles and wavy curly hairstyles.

Now you know that there is nothing wrong with the mixed hair types. It is the genetics which determines this and all you can do is take care of your hair and use the safer methods to give the right styling to get the best look.

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