Can You Dye Your Hair With A Perm?

can you dye your hair with a perm

Curly hair never goes out of fashion. The beautiful curls hanging down the shoulder can make anyone look attractive. While there are different types of hair styling techniques, curling is something that makes anyone look pretty.

Hair perm is one of the most common techniques to curl hair. It helps to bring out beautiful curls that make one look more fashionable and chic. If you recently had a perm and want to color your hair, this article will help you know everything you worry about.

Keep reading to find answers to your queries regarding hair dying with a perm.

Dye Your Hair With A Perm

Is It Okay To Perm And Color Hair On The Same Day?

Curling, aka perming, and coloring are two different hair treatments. While one helps bring beautiful curls to the hair, the other one helps to dye the hair to give it a new look. Since both treatments require a different process, they should not be done together.

It is suggested that one should wait for at least 15 days to color the hair after perming. At the same time, consulting the hair stylist who exactly knows about your hair quality, like its condition and texture, will give the right suggestion.

Ensure that after curling, you take good care of your hair, or else you may lose the normal texture, and hair may become dull and dry. It will make the hair look frizzy, and the problem of split ends may arise.

What Treatment Should I Get First- Hair Perm Or Hair Color?

If you are planning for both- perming and hair coloring, it is always advised to go for perming first and, after 15 days, coloring. It is because if coloring is done first, perming may fade the hair color.

When you get a hair perm, shampoo your hair at least once before coloring them. Also, it is advised to get the hair cut you want before heading for perming or coloring the hair. In this way, the new look will make you look pretty, and hair perming or coloring will enhance the look even more.

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Tips For Permed And Colored Hair

When you perm or color the hair, they go through intense processing. Several chemicals are applied to hair to get the desired look, making the hair more prone to damage. Sometimes hair perming and coloring make them look brassy, fried, and frizzy.

However, you can avoid such a situation by taking good care of your hair after these treatments. Check out how to take care of your hair-

1. Permed Hair

If you have got your hair permed recently, follow these tips to maintain hair quality.

  • Do not wash or tie your hair at least 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Cover your hair with a cap or cloth to protect it from sun damage when you step out of the salon.
  • Do not comb the hair often for at least one week and allow the curls to set.
  • Always use shampoos and conditioners tailor-made for permed hair to maintain the curls and the hair health.
  • Do not forget deep conditioning after shampooing the curled hair. It will ensure that the hair will remain smooth, silky, and shiny.
  • Do not skip routine checkups with your hairstylist.

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2. Colored Hair

When you color your hair, you expose them to different chemicals, including bleach, that can harm the hair and damage them. Therefore, the right care is essential to maintain hair health. Follow the below tips-

  • Do not forget hair conditioning after shampooing.
  • Use the products given by the hair stylist or those made for colored hair. Color protectant shampoo helps the color to stay longer.
  • Do not shampoo immediately after coloring. Give time to the color to settle down. Immediate washing may fade the color.
  • Avoid coming under the direct sun for a few days after coloring.
  • Do not color your hair frequently. It is advised that there should be a gap of at least 3 to 4 months between each coloring session.

How To Keep Hair Silky And Shining After A Hair Perm?

Since the hair has undergone chemical treatment, you need to be extra cautious after hair perming to help them stay healthy.

  • Take hot oil treatment to keep hair healthy and shining.
  • Avoid chlorinated water to wash hair as it can make the treated hair dry and brittle.
  • Take a healthy, nutritious, and protein-rich diet.
  • Include lots of vitamins and fibers in your daily diet.

Always keep a gap of at least 10 to 15 days between perming and coloring sessions. It will ensure that the hair gets the chance to breathe and stay away from chemicals for some time.

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