Piggyback Perm Vs Spiral Perm – What’s the Difference?

piggyback perm vs spiral perm

A perm is a perfect way of volumizing hair and making it bouncy. Those having fine and straight hair can go for it. Unlike other hair curling techniques, a perm can result in a long term change. So when you want to go for a perm, you need to decide which one, spiral or regular? Read on to check the difference and make an informed decision.

Piggyback Perm Vs Spiral Perm

Here are the differences between the piggyback perm and spiral perm:

1. Time-Consumed: Piggyback perm hairstyle is complex and time-consuming as each hair section needs two rods which are piggyback off each other. Based on the way the rods are rolled around the hair, spiral perms are different from other curl types.

2. Perming Rod Types: Two rods are used in piggyback perm, so more curls can be created and better hair volume can be achieved. In spiral perm, perming rods used are vertically rolled around the hair to create the curls in a corkscrew pattern.

3. Hair Length: People having mid or longer hair length can opt for the piggyback perm hairstyle as enough length is needed to be wrapped around each of the perming rods. For short-haired individuals with a hair length of more than 8 inches, a spiral perm is a better option.

4. Appearance of The Curls: The appearance of piggyback curls is quite natural because of the patterns created in the process. You can see the curls forming in various directions as the rods are positioned in opposite directions. This aims at achieving maximum hair volume.

5. Curls Consistency: Curls formed in spiral perm are more consistent compared to the piggyback perm.

6. Duration: With proper maintenance, piggyback perm lasts for 6 months, whereas spiral perm lasts for about 3 months.

7. Suitable for: A Piggyback perm is better when you want to enhance hair volume but a spiral perm is suitable when you want a more formalized hair pattern.

Tips For Maintaining The Perms At Home

Once you are done with perming, you need to follow some tips to keep them intact, so the effect lasts for a fairly long time. Here are the things to remember:

  1. After the perming, allow at least 2 days for the curls to set. Do not wash your hair during this period.
  2. Avoid brushing your hair immediately after perming. It is better to leave it uncombed for 1-2 days
  3. Sleep on a pillow with a silk or satin cover rather than a cotton cover since it can result in friction and damage the curls. Alternatively, tying the head with a silk bandana would also work.
  4. Avoid coloring your permed hair until 2 weeks after the process.
  5. Ensure proper moisturization of the permed hair and avoid the use of styling tools frequently.

When you want to make your hair look pretty, voluminous and lush, perms are a great way of doing it. Make sure to follow proper aftercare to prevent damage because of the perming solutions used in the process.

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