How To Use A Three-Barrel Curling Iron?

how to use a three barrel curling iron

There are a variety of hair styling tools available in the market today and the three-barrel curling iron is one of them. It is exciting to learn how easily the tool can help you change your hairstyle in a few minutes. This tool is different from the flat irons and curling Steam Straightener Vs Flat Ironavailable in the market. Read on to check how to use it.

Use A Three-Barrel Curling Iron

Role Of A Triple-barrel Curling Iron

This hair styling tool can be used for creating wavy hair like that of a mermaid. You can’t easily get this style with the standard curling wands as this would take a long time and is also not possible with all hairstyles. This triple-barrel curling iron is perfect for getting a beachy look in less time and hence is suitable for women with long wavy hair.

Process Of Using A Triple-barrel Curling Iron

Spritz your hair with some heat protectant and divide it into manageable sections. When you are a first time user of the product, you may need some time to get started with trial and error before getting used to it.

Some points to remember while using it are:

  1. Open the clamp of the tool and capture the top portion of the hair section between the clamp and barrels by holding the tool horizontally.
  2. Then the clamp needs to be released and held in place for some seconds till the desired style is attained.
  3. Open the clamp and move it down the section. This has to be repeated until the complete section is waved.

Tips: Add some extra volume to the hair by using a volumizing spray at the hair roots once the styling is done.

When you love wavy hair, but don’t have enough time to get the styling done, the three-barrel curling iron is the best tool you must own. But just like other heating tools, it is better to use this occasionally, to avoid hair damage due to the heat.

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