How Long Should You Wait for Perm Hair?

How Long Should You Wait Between Perms

Perm is related to the duration of a hairstyle and is the short term of “permanent”. Depending on the type of hair and the hair care, it often lasts for 3-6 months.

The process can be a long one, lasting between 1 and 5 hours. Hair has to remain untouched during the first 48 hours of a perm. Read on to know more about it and the safe duration between two perms.

How Long Should You Wait Between Perms?

To know exactly how long to wait between the perms, you need to check with your hairstylist. They can give a rough estimate of the duration, though, it generally takes 3 months for its effect to fade out. After this minimum duration, you can do the perm treatment again to keep your hair healthy.

Tips to Make a Perm Last Longer

  • Trim your hair regularly as curls appear less by doing so.
  • Keep your hair conditioned and reduce the use of chemical or sulphate based shampoos.
  • Try protein treatments or protein hair masks at home to rebuild the protein bonds of hair that are broken by the perming chemicals.
  • Wide toothed comb made of wood is best for combing your damp hair and a soft paddle brush works on the dry hair to remove the knots gently.
  • Keep your hair wrapped with a silk scarf while resting to avoid tangle or frizz while waking up.
  • Avoid any chemical treatments within one month of doing the perm.

Perm is safe for your hair but the dry strands might get weaker with this. So, if you have damaged hair, you need to check with your stylist before going for the treatment. Make sure to follow all the tips mentioned, to keep the hair healthy.

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