How To Keep Your Hair Healthy and Strong

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

All of us love to have healthy, shiny and glossy hair. But do you know there are several factors unknowingly impacting your hair getting spoiled. In this busy world we might think we are maintaining good hair by going to a salon and making different styles but some of our actions are causing damage to our hair. Here are some of the quick tips we would want you to be aware of to keep your hair healthy with eye opening facts.

Hair Care Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair

1. Eat Balanced Diet

A healthy and a balanced diet will not only make you fit and strong but it has so many implications on other areas of the body especially hair. Essential fatty acids are very important for hair growth such as omega 3 fatty acids have high importance which are readily available in foods like, Salmon, Tuna fish, all kinds of fatty fish. Also vegetables like broccoli and sprouts help your hair growth.

2. Take Time for Hair Mask

It is really important to take time for your hair mask at least once a week. Although, Hair mask may not help in faster hair growth but it helps in preventing hair loss and damage due to sunlight, pollution and various other factors. Different kinds of masks are available for different kinds of hairs.

For a normal hair, Egg white mixed with a gram flour mask will help in making hair shiny. Choose the mask which has aloe vera which is a natural ingredient for all kinds of hairs.

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3. Down The Temp of Shower

Many people prefer to have a bath with a high temperature shower, unknowingly their hair and scalp is at risk. Over-temperature can damage your hairs and scalp tissue but warm water helps your hair for a shampoo and conditioner to get applied easily and gives you better results.

Remember having a shower with moderate temp is always good for your hair in all aspects such as making your hair soft and avoiding hair loss.

4. Use Chemical Free Shampoo and Conditioner

It is not in our hands to control the environmental factor polluting hair, but can control the chemical based shampoos and conditioners that you use. The Less you use chemicals the healthier your hair. Start using gentle shampoos and conditioners that suit your hair type.

The chemicals like sulfates and parabens present in shampoos may cause skin irritation and increase the risk of hormonal disruption.

5. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming your hair regularly like 6-8 weeks to get rid from split ends, damaged hair due to hair styles. Smoking, pollution and stress. Trimming helps to grow your hair much faster at the scalp level and ensures healthy growth. Regular trimming prevents hair damage and ensures your hair styles are maintained easily.

6. Wash Your Hair Regularly

Washing your hair regularly will remove excess oil and dirt on the scalp. Sometimes washing depends on their hair style like having dry hair limit your wash for twice a week and oily scalp can wash their hair in alternate days.

7. Oil Your Hair

Oiling and massaging your hair before shampooing will improve the blood circulation and relax the muscles of your hair and also nourish, boost and make your hair shine.

Massaging oil on the scalp like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and castor oil will restore moisture and enable hair growth and repair breakage of hair.

8. Take Plenty of Fluids

We all know Taking plenty of fluids has several benefits to the body, making it hydrated and energized. Did you know it also does many benefits to your hair such as promoting hair growth, damage prevention, reducing dryness and giving you shiny looking hair. It improves the overall quality of your hair improving the density.

There are many ways to keep your hair protected from the polluted environment, some methods even include chemicals for faster results but may harm your hair and some may have chemical free methods like we said above.

However, we suggest you always prefer natural ways of protecting and maintaining your healthy hair, by using above methods to say goodbye to a damaged hair. Despite doing all the hair care routine and you feel there is no improvement, consult your doctor or hair specialist.

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