Why Does My Hair Feel So Thin After Extensions?

my hair is so thin after extensions

The rise in consumer demand for hair extensions has made it a fad. People, irrespective of their age, are getting hair extensions to get long and lustrous locks. However, this quest for mermaid’s hair often leads to hair damage on various levels. If you wonder why my hair is so thin after extensions, you are not alone. Such problems are experienced by many.

Fortunately, with hair extensions, everything is not doom and gloom. With the right care, you can manage your hair and make them healthier whether or not you choose extensions. Check out how to prevent and treat damaged hair extensions.

My Hair Feel So Thin After Extensions

What Causes Hair Damage After Hair Extensions?

The major reason behind hair damage after hair extensions is constant traction and pulling of hair follicles. Over time, due to constant pulling, the follicles are damaged, leading to permanent hair loss. This type of hair loss is called traction alopecia.

Apart from hair loss, hair extensions also damage the external hair shaft, making them prone to become brittle and fragile. Although this is first-hand damage, over the years, the results are thin hair and hair loss.

How To Control Hair Extension Damage?

The damage can be treated or managed in two ways- immediate hair extension damage control and long-term hair health and repair after extensions.

Immediate Hair Extension Damage Control

  • Get a Hair Treatment- Hair treatments help to get back health and shine of the hair damaged due to hair extensions. You may need to get hair treatment weekly that works best for weak, damaged, and abused hair.
  • Avoid Hot Hair Styling Tools- If you have removed the hair extensions recently, it’s time to lay off the heat styling tools as long as possible. It will prevent further damage and help in faster recovery. If you can’t resist using them, do not forget to apply heat protectant sprays for hair recovery.
  • Do not let your hair detangled- It is extremely necessary to take extra care of hair after hair extensions. It is advised to brush your hair multiple times a day to prevent them from getting tangled. You can use special detangling brushes that prevent matted hair. Since natural oil from the scalp will not reach the hair extensions, apply hair oil to make them look healthy and smooth.

For Long-Term Hair Health And Repair After Extensions

To maintain your locks, it is important to take extra care of them after getting hair extensions. There are plenty of methods to give a healthy boost to your hair to help them stay healthy and strong.

1. Use Hair Sunscreen- Basically, the idea is to protect hair from harmful UV rays. Even if you wear a scarf or cap, apply gentle products that safeguard hair from UV rays. There are many products formulated for supplying extra nourishment to the hair strands by keeping them hydrated and moisturized. They work best for hair prone to breakage.

2. Take Hair Supplement- The market is flooded with different types of hair supplements, but you focus on products that have Vitamin E and black-currant seed oil. While Vitamin E will increase the growth of capillary, black-currant seed oil will stimulate hair growth, making them grow fuller, shinier, and free of split-ends.

3. Use Silk Pillowcase- Since detangling needs to be avoided as much as possible, therefore it is suggested to use pillowcases that are made with soft fabric like silk or satin. Cotton fabric pillowcase absorbs natural oil from hair, while silk ensures they stay where they should. Also, due to less friction, silk pillowcases will ensure frizz-free and split-end-free hair.

4. Take a Protein-Rich Diet- Include beans, lentils, and food loaded with protein, iron, zinc, and biotin that make the hair healthier by providing nourishment to the hair follicles.

5. Book an Appointment with a Dermatologist- If you are experiencing traction alopecia after hair extensions, it’s time to reach your dermatologist. They can provide a suitable plan to manage your hair condition.

If you are experiencing a difference in hair quality after hair extension, work on it immediately. You can manage and maintain lustrous locks if you recognize the issue at an early stage. Many people question why my hair is so thin after extensions. If you are one of them or experiencing hair loss, it’s time to act.

You can reverse hair thinning and hair loss early and take away the tension of the roots to prevent permanent hair follicle damage. Check out with your hair stylist and get the solution for an early recovery.

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