How To Put Your Own TAPE IN Hair Extensions

How To Put In Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a great choice for all the ladies yearning to get long hair. They help lengthen the hair temporarily and can also be used to add some faux highlights. Since putting tape-in extensions is a simple process, you can do it at home without anybody’s assistance. However, you need to be extra cautious as extensions are prone to tangling.

3 Ways Apply In Tape In Hair Extensions At Home

Here we will discuss each step in detail so that you can put tape-in extensions effortlessly. Check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to put in-tape hair extensions.

Step 1 – Section Your Hair

In this step, you have to make your hair ready for putting the in-tape extensions.

  • Wash Hair – If your hair is clean, the extensions will last longer; therefore, the first step in sectioning the hair is washing the hair and drying them.
  • Make a Partition on Your Scalp – With the help of your finger or comb, make a horizontal part across the scalp. It can be done about an inch from the nape of the neck. Extensions will come near the parting line as in this way; the upper hair will keep the clips secure and hidden.
  • Section Off The Top Hair – Now, tightly secure all the hair above the part line with the help of hair clips. Make them secure enough to not fall down while securing your extensions.
  • Take Out a Thin Portion of Hair From The Non-Clipped Part – Take a thin hair strand and place it between the top and bottom extensions. Doing it will help the adhesive tape of both extensions stick together through the hair. Now take a thin strand from the hair below the part line. It should be about the length of one extension.
  • Measure The Section – With the help of a cloth tape measuring device, measure the parted hair sections. It will tell how many extensions will be needed to add along the hair sections. Repeat it for every section you have made.

Step 2 – Applying Extensions

This step will help you understand how to apply for the in-tape hair extensions.

  • Secure Bottom Extension Under a Thin Portion of Hair – Take a hair strand and uplift it slightly. Remove the adhesive strip on the bottom of the extension and press it underneath the thin strand of hair you are lifting up.
  • Secure The Top Extension – Now, take the top extension and remove the adhesive tape. Press it on top of your hair strand. The top and bottom of the strand must stick together. You can press it with pliers to make it more secure.
  • Sometimes the extensions do not stick properly. It may happen when you use a thick strand of hair instead of a thin one. In such cases, brush off some hair strands from the bottom extension.
  • Repeat The Process – Move the side part and repeat the process until you add all the extensions. Generally, the number of extensions you need to use depends upon the size of your head and how voluminous you want your hairstyle to be.
  • Leave 1 inch of hair out horizontally closest to the ear if you want to apply extensions on the sides of the head. Likewise, continue to apply for the extensions in the same manner.
  • People with thin hairlines should leave 1 inch of hair across the entire hairline before they add hair extensions. The hair density should be enough to hide the tapes and secure them inside.

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Step 3 – Hair Care After Getting Hair Extensions

Once you get the hair extensions, it becomes essential to take extra care of them to last longer.

  • Follow a Dedicated Hair Care Regime – You may often experience your hair extensions tangled. Also, more hair on the scalp means more time in the shower. From now you may have to give 10 to 15 extra minutes to get ready.
  • Brush Your Hair Regularly – Since extensions tangle easily, you need to brush them after regular intervals to make them look fresh and natural. If you have got synthetic extensions, they will tangle more than human hair extensions.
  • Secure Hair Overnight with a Ponytail – To prevent excessive tangling, make a loose ponytail or braid before going to sleep. Prefer using silk pillows that reduce hair tangling.

Every woman loves to have long, voluminous, and lustrous hair at some point in her life. However, maintaining them is tedious. In such cases, in-tape hair extensions come to the rescue. Put them and flaunt your long luscious locks anywhere and anytime.

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