Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily?

Why Does My Hair Tangle So Easily

To be honest, nobody likes to have a messy hair that turns into a knot. Compare to other things, it becomes really tough to untangle the hair, without losing some strands. You might have seen, hair breakage is more extreme for some people during untangling the knots.

Do you know why does the hair tangle so easily? Here comes the reason, hair tangling usually happens when the hair does not have enough moisture as well as because of excessively dry.

To recover from this, you have to wash and condition the hair more often and also oil it repeatedly to get rid of the issue. Another crucial thing is you must use cold water to wash your hair.

Some Other Reasons For Hair Tangling

Tangles are mostly caused when the outer layer of the hair is damaged and opens up. These open cuticles block each other and then form knots.

Generally, a hair knot forms when two single strands wrap around each other to become intertwined. If it happens with a couple of strands, it gets difficult to remove these knots.

The things which cause hair tangling are as follows

  • Using harsh hair care products
  • Massaging the hair very hardly while shampooing
  • Heat styling
  • Overwashing of hair
  • Rubbing the hair hardly with a towel
  • Not brushing the hair on time or over-brushing
  • Split ends
  • Keeping hair down while sleeping
  • Lack of hydration

How To Detangle The Hair In Possible Ways?

Whatever may be the hair type and texture, almost everyone can experience hair knots. As said before, it is not such an easy task to remove the hair knot without damaging the hair.

But, hopefully, it is not an impossible one. Finding the proper and best way will help you to remove the knots very easily. Keep reading to learn a handful of ways to detangle the hair.

1. Try To Condition The Hair

Conditioning your hair is considered the most important step in a good hair care routine. It acts as a major role in detangling the hair.

Apply a conditioner at the tips and then move upwards towards the roots but not to the scalp. Leave the conditioner for five minutes, then comb the hair to detangle it and rinse later.

2. You Can Also Use Oils

Mineral oil can help to detangle hair efficiently. This oil doesn’t have color or odor. It acts as an antiseptic that removes tangled.

Ensure that the hair is conditioned enough because too much residue will hinder the function of mineral oil in terms of removing tangles

After the detangle, your hair may have a lot brittle. So apply some drops of olive oil and allow the oil to penetrate the scalp and strands for nearly twenty minutes.

To avoid dryness, it is a must to use oil for your hair. You can also try coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, and a few essential oils.

3. Go For Detangling Spray

Detangling hair spray is a great one for your hair. It highly helps to quickly fix the hair when you have no time.

This detangling spray can be used for both damp and dry hair. The ingredients such as shea butter present in it will soften the hair so that detangling becomes easy.

4. Manage With A Wide-toothed Comb

If you are feeling difficulty with tangled hair, why not get help from a wide-toothed comb? Wide tooth comb and paddle brushes assist detangle hair in a painless way.

5. Water Helps You More

Using cold water is better for your hair strength. Having hot water for hair will open up the hair cuticles and it leads to tangling and frizz. At least use cold water at the end of the hair wash to prevent tangling and breakage.

Moisture is an essential one to detangle very easily, which aids to remove the tangled without harsh pulling.

Use a spray bottle filled with water to spritz some water on the hair before starting out. Take sections of hair with the fingers, then use a wide toothbrush and clip the detailed hair with the help of a pin or clip.

Continue this procedure for all hair sections until you completely detangled the hair.

6. Don’t Comb From The Root

One mistake most of you do is combing the hair from the roots. But don’t do this hereafter, try to start from the bottom of the hair. Go upward direction with some inches so that you can protect against hair breakage.

7. Detangle With Hair Masks

If you get regular tangles, it may be a sign of dry hair. For this, you can use a hair mask pack with moisture, which will bestow your hair with instant hydration. You can pick a variety of hair masks from the market, but make sure it suits your hair very well.

8. Make Use Of Fingers

Before combing your hair with a comb, separate the hair into the section with your fingers softly. This way everyone can remove the tangles in a gentle way.

Final words

Hoping that the above-mentioned tips are helpful for you to detangle your hair in a very safe way. By reading this, we are sure that you will no longer lose your mind to tangled hair. Most importantly, everyone should be gentle with their hair.

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