How To Protect Your Hair While Sleeping?

how to protect your hair while sleeping

You may not believe that most of the hair damage and split ends occur when were are in sleep. Managing long hair is quite difficult in the present situation due to lots of pollution and dirt outside. Because of this lots of hair can be damaged so giving importance to hair care is considered as an essential one. Preparing your hair before going to bed can gradually enhance the quality of hair, and decrease hair breakage and rough follicles. There are actually some wonderful tactics on how to take care of hair in bed.

7 Simple Ways to Protect Your Hair While Sleeping

Look over the amazing ways to prevent the hair before going to bed. Your hair stimulates the overall personality and also reflects your health. But your healthy hair and scalp require proper care from the start. Whether you are seeking to enhance the condition of your hair or looking for a hairstyle to wear to bed, upcoming tips to protect the hair while sleeping will assist you to wake up with healthier, softer as well as manageable hair in the morning.

1. Never Think of Going with Wet or Damp Hair

When your hair is wet or damp leads to more fragile. It is mainly because the protein called keratin present in the follicle form a weaker bond at the time of wet. When you brush or sleep with wet hair will give you hair stretches as well as deform the follicle. This unnecessary stretching and also friction will damage the hair follicle. In addition to leaving you rough, damaged, and broken hair.

After washing the hair you may use a microfiber towel to remove excess water. If you want to dry your hair, switch on the low heat option. For the most part, avoid combing the hair when wet instead make use of a wide tooth comb or fingers.

2. Use Hair oil Before Going to Bed

Applying oil to dry hair will aid to keep the strands hydrated overnight. Hair oil creates a protective layer around the follicle which assist reduce breakage and split ends. If you experience dry and unmanageable hair in the morning, using hair oil daily before bedtime can really help from more dryness as well as hair friction and also protecting further breakage while sleeping.

3. Use a Comfortable Pillow Case

Using a cotton pillow may affect your hair so you may use a silk or satin pillow. Nothing can beat a silk-type pillowcase because it gives maximum comfort. If you feel silk or satin is not affordable then go for wrapping your pillow with a silk or satin scarf. Silk pillowcases are highly soft and also silkier to touch compared to cotton pillows. For long hair, you can use a silk pillow which enhances the quality of hair along with good sleep.

4. Find The Best Hairstyle for Long Hair

Choosing a suitable hairstyle for long hair while sleeping is quite a difficult one to achieve. You may try a flower curl style, most people are given good reviews on it. This overnight flower curl is a brilliant hair tool and is mainly designed to protect and curl the hair. This bedtime hairstyle will prevent locks, decrease overnight hair friction, and most importantly you will have gorgeous curls in the next morning.

5. Pick a Silk Cap

Wearing a silk cap will encourage overnight protection. It is because the long hair will be surrender inside the cap and allows you to prevent the length of hair while sleeping. An investment made on a good-quality silk cap is highly essential. Silk sleep cap helps you to protect from tangling, frizz as well as overnight hair friction, these are the main reasons for split ends and breakage.

6. Use a Natural Hair Mask in a Week

Using a hair mask in a week will not only stimulates the hair condition but also assist from dryness along with frizz and protect against further breakage. Our hair is more delicate and requires care as well as attention. Applying an overnight hair mask will make sure that hair absorbs significant vitamins and nutrients while you sleep.

A wonderful natural hair mask will assist to repair, conditioning, soften, strengthen, and taming the hair. While using a hair mask you should have put a small towel on the top of the pillow in order to avoid unwanted mask stains. Wash your hair the next morning as usual with normal water.

7. Better Avoid Products Before Calling it a Night

Before going to bed don’t use any products like hair spray, hair accessories, and hair extensions. Because these products will surely damage the hair and will cause dryness, unnecessary tangles, and breakage. Hair sprays usually contain alcohol leave your hair looking brittle which leads to damage when used on regular basis.

Hair extensions and hair accessories like hair clips and tight hair ties may be tangled in the hair and will tend to occur hair breakage. Choosing gentle products such as overnight hair curls, silk hair caps, and silk scrunchies can be very useful for your hair.

You may think hair can damage only because of bleaching or excessive heat styling, it may be one reason. But another reason is, that the way you care for hair while sleeping can also affect on appearance as well as the health of your hair. So, it is very important to consider what has to do or not to do for long hair while sleeping. Hope you got some knowledge on protecting long hair while sleeping and don’t forget to care for your hair.

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