Sleeping with Pillow Between Your Legs: 5 Benefits, How to Do It

Sleeping with Pillow Between Your Legs 5 Benefits, How to Do It

Out of so many sleeping positions, sleeping with a pillow between the legs is one of the most comfortable for various reasons, especially for women. If you wonder why do females sleep with a pillow in between their legs, you’ll feel astonished knowing the reasons. 

Keeping a pillow between the legs offers major health benefits. People struggling with back pain usually have poor spine alignment, and keeping a pillow in between the legs can help improve it tremendously. 

5 Benefits Of Female Sleeping With A Pillow Between Their Legs

Female sleeping with a pillow between Their legs

Here are the major benefits of sleeping with a pillow between the legs:

1. Corrects Spine Alignment 

Studies (1) have shown that there is a relationship between sleeping position and sleep quality. Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position preferred by many. However, when one sleeps on the side, extra pressure is exerted on the hips and shoulders. Sleeping for longer hours in the same position can change the spine alignment gradually, leading to exacerbating pain in the future. 

It is when sandwiching a pillow between the legs helps prevent discomfort to a great extent. It is one of the coziest sleeping positions that also alleviates unnecessary pressure on the hips and shoulders. At the same time, it may help you fall asleep faster. 

2. Eases Lower Back Pain

Often, females find it hard to sleep on their back after a hectic day. Completing daily chores exerts pressure on the back and hips, causing back pain frequently. It is when side sleeping and keeping a pillow between the legs provides great relief from aches and muscle stiffness. 

Sleeping for longer hours in such a position keeps the spine properly aligned and prepares the back for the next day’s errands. 

3. Provides Support in Pregnancy

Pregnant females find sleeping with a pillow between the legs one of the most relaxing positions. While sleeping on the back, the growing belly distorts the center of gravity and causes back pain. It is the reason why they are advised not to sleep on their back, especially after the third trimester (2). 

In fact, pregnant women are advised to use special pregnancy pillows or huggable pillows that offer support by wrapping arms and legs around them. As the growing belly needs support, sleeping on the side with a pillow between the knees provides great comfort. It also helps combat discomfort from restless legs syndrome, lower back pain, and joint pain in the knees.

4. Improves Sleep Posture

Different studies (3) have shown that sleeping improperly leads to a negative impact on the spine structure. On the contrary, sleeping by hugging a pillow between the legs ensures that the spine will stay straight and properly aligned throughout the night. 

Additionally, there will be no pressure on the hips and shoulders, keeping them unstrained and relaxed for hours. 

5. Relieves Stomach and Muscle Cramps

Females may encounter stomach and muscle cramps, especially during their periods. Besides, men also experience nocturnal muscle cramps after a long and hectic working day or when their work involves standing or sitting in the same position for longer hours. 

A wrong sleeping position can distort the legs’ and hips’ position, escalating the cramps manifold. It is when sleeping comfortably with a pillow between the legs reduces the strain on the hips and provides huge relief. 

How To Sleep With A Pillow Between Your Legs Properly?

Now that we know the immense benefits of sleeping with a pillow between the legs, here’s how to do it properly to make the most out of this comfortable sleeping position-

  1. Lie down on one of your sides- either left or right; it could be the side where you feel more comfortable. 
  2. Keep a firm pillow below your head.
  3. Now, slightly bent the knees towards the chest. Ensure the legs are neither straight nor too close to the chest.
  4. Take a firm pillow that is not too thick or too thin to use between the legs. 
  5. Put it between the knees, elevating the upper thigh only to the extent that it makes the hip neutral. 

Once the hip gets slightly elevated, you attain a position that will not exert pressure on the spine. Remember, if the pillow is thin, use two to correct the spine’s position. 

The idea behind this sleeping position is to ensure correct spine alignment. Therefore, besides keeping a pillow between the legs, check for space between your waist and your mattress while sleeping. If yes, consider putting a small pillow in the gap to ensure the spine doesn’t bend due to constant pressure and get enough support. 


With the aforementioned benefits, are you still wondering why do females sleep with a pillow between their legs? Women seek comfort, prioritize coziness and support spine health and overall well-being, and these are the major reasons why it is their favorite sleeping position. 

People waking up to back pain should also reconsider their sleeping position and sleeping habits. Even though keeping a pillow between the legs may seem unusual, its benefits are tremendous, and thus, it becomes a preferred sleeping position by many. 


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