Benefits of Sleeping on The Floor – 5 Reasons to Sleep On The Floor

benefits of sleeping on the floor

Sleeping on the floor seems like a challenge, isn’t it? The hard floor makes your back ache while keeping you uncomfortable, right? You are wrong!
Mattress and beds are your enemies especially in today’s digitalized world. We sit for long hours in front of our laptops and at the work desk that cause trouble for health and body. While sleeping, the body needs to be in comfortable posture so as to wake up fresh in the morning. Talking about the beds, it is not suggested because of bad body alignment and inability to move for long hours overnight.

Mattresses block your body movement causing the body ache and pain in most parts. While sleeping on the floor strengthens the tiny muscles and pressure is applied on body parts, it is more of like a massage throughout the night. A research has shown tremendous benefits of sleeping on the floor i.e. people from primitive cultures have fewer musculoskeletal issues. All thanks to the hard floor! Check out these 5 major benefits of sleeping on the floor:

5 Reasons to Sleep On The Floor

Feels Natural

It feels natural sleeping on the floor as you wake up fresh and energetic to carry on with the routine tasks. Talking about the factual information, a large segment of the population sleeps on the floor only. Since the super soft mattresses cause back problems and chronic health issues, hard floor feels natural. Plus, the mattress takes your body in from the middle subjecting it to misaligned position which further causes bad postures. And because of that, the body will develop non-aligned and unhealthy curves.

Prevents Overheating

Bad mattresses have heating issue as the heat expelled from the body while sleeping is captured by the mattress. As a result, the mattress heats up on the upper surface making you feel hot further pushing you in extreme discomfort. Also, it causes sleep disturbances, however it is suggested sleeping on the floor as the body heat never gets trapped in.

Since sleeping on the floor prevents overheating, you should definitely quit your so called favourite mattress if you are concerned about your health. Yes, sleeping on the floor is not that comfortable but with time, you will get accustomed and the benefits are surely amazing.

Better for Body

Our body is really flexible and it can transform into any shape. When you sleep on the floor, the spine gets some space to realign to its natural posture or form in an easy manner. On the other hand, sleeping on the mattress is unhealthy because it hugs your body making it hard for you to open up.

The floor keeps your body active and aware all the time as you feel the whole body while sleeping either at night or in day. Also, the mind and body maintains strong connection when you sleep on the floor as compared to the mattress.

Reduces Stiffness

Due to the increasing digitalization, we all have kind of cut out with nature and workouts. And when you sleep on the mattress, the body gets stiffer because already we sit on chairs for too long and the body needs to open up. It is not possible on the mattress however it is suggested to sleep on the floor because the floor lets your body open up. Sitting in the same position makes the body stiff and the muscles tighten up. When already the muscles are tightened, sleeping on the mattress makes it even worse as a result of which our bodies feel stiffer in the morning.

Try sleeping on the floor if you want to wake up fresh and flexible. Yes, it takes time adapting to the new surface but this habit will have mind blowing effects on your body. It might happen that your body feels a lot stiffer on the floor as well because the muscles are stretching out but after few days, it will all be fine. Once when the body muscles have stretched out, it will be easier to sleep and feel the goodness in the morning.

Treats Insomnia

Arghhh, I am insomniac. A bad sleeping surface like mattress is one of the prominent reasons of insomnia and sleep disturbance. Tipping and tossing on the mattress is quite common which results in insomnia. And to your surprise, you can avoid this by sleeping on the floor, how? When you sleep on the floor, the body breathes in a better way letting you get quality sleep while getting rid of discomfort caused due to mattress. Yes, you will feel some issues on the floor initially because the body is not accustomed but all is well that ends well, isn’t it?

Apart from these benefits, the only con of sleeping on the floor is bugs or cockroaches that might creep in the night. Also, the floor can be dirty so make sure to clean the floor properly before sleeping. For further help, you can consider using a sheet on the floor if you have just started with this sleeping regime.

There is nothing to lose if you sleep on the floor, yes, you read it right. Without any side effects, the floor is definitely the best sleeping surface as it improves your posture. Your back, neck, head, and spine stay in proper alignment which helps in soothing the back pain caused due to misaligned body on the mattress. When the back is perfect, the posture is perfect and when the posture is perfect, there are no sleeping disorders.

Sleeping on the floor is one of the most beneficial things you can ever do to keep your body in proper shape. I hope you get it all right, so are you ready to try this out? If you are still thinking, you are very late as people have already started it. So hurry up and adopt this change in your lifestyle to get a healthier body. You will be surprised with the results, bet me on this as I myself have made this transition.

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