How to Sleep Better: 8 Simple Ways to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

how to sleep better

If you wake up at 3 am or sometimes 4 am, falling asleep again now seems to be impossible. A good and sound sleep is what everyone wants, but then it is not easy like it seems to be. Sometime, I feel sleeping becomes an art, which not everyone us can master in. You can see some people who can fall asleep at any place, any time and any condition but on the other side, there are set of people for whom sleeping is next to impossible and the most toughest goal to achieve in life. Here we explain some simple tips on how to sleep better at night.

How to Sleep Better at Night

Sleep Better at Night

There are various reasons why you are not getting better sleep. Thankfully, we also have few good things to do to get a better and peaceful sleep.

1. Stop Checking Clock Every Time

Staring clock every time you wake up in the morning as well as when you sleep in the morning can secretly discourage the sleep in you. If starring clock continues as a habit, it leads to increase in stress and pressure. Always keep clock to your opposite direction, so that you look at them only at the correct time and not during night time. Okay, if you woke up suddenly at 2 am and not feeling to go back to sleep, keep your dim lights on and start getting into silent activity like reading novels or books. The dim light will help to stimulate the sleep in you which results in drooping of your eye lids. As soon as you feel sleepy, go back to bed and have a good night.

2. Try to Sleep Early

Many of the people who deal with night shifts, napping at any time can be the culprits. You should try to set a particular time when you need to sleep daily. You should go back to bed maximum by 10 which is the perfect time for an individual to sleep. If you are sleeping in noon, you should make it before 5 pm. Because once you wake up after 5 pm, than you are no more going back to bed by 10. So, keep a particular time table and then follow it religiously.

3. Keep Your Bedroom Away From Computer & Television

You should make your bedroom more like a sleeping environment and not a playing zone. Generally when you see TV, you get attracted to it which results in late TV watching. When you watch TV until mid night, you don’t feel sleepy which results in a complete shift of your time table. You should encourage more on having quiet, dark and cool room which will induce sleep in you.

4. Stay Away From Caffeine Drink at Night

Caffeine drinks are mostly taken up by individual who want to stay awake for some more hours. So, you should stay away from any drink with the element of caffeine in it. Also, people who drink alcohol should avoiding talking it during night time. Although, alcohol gives you a good sleep that time, but after few hours it can lead to uncomforting ability and dizziness, leading to bad quality of sleep. Just like that, people smoking tobacco should strictly stay away from smoking during night time, as it directly affects the quality of sleep.

5. When You are Tired Go to Sleep

When you are really tired you should go to sleep as soon as possible. Many of them struggle watching TV, reading books and doing many activities just because there are more 30 minutes for their sleeping routine. If you are tired, it does not matter whether you are going to bed early or not. All it matters is having a good sound sleep. By chance if you are lying on bed but still not sleeping, grab some books and start reading with dim light on. The environment now created with a combination of book and dim light will make you sleep.

6. Eat Several Hours Before Bedtime

Basically in Indian families, we tend to eat by 10 and then doze off just few minutes after it. Or I should say, because you were feeling tired and sleepy, you gulped down the cookies soon. But this where we are going lack and destroying our sleep. You should actually eat food few hours before your sleep and relax for some time before you sleep. The reason behind insisting on eating food few hours before bed time is, it avoids indigestion in the body. Generally, people who eat and then go to bed few minutes later suffer from several gastric problems.

7. Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

You should exercise several hours before you go to bed. Exercise makes your body function properly and also boost the blood circulation. Doing exercise actually stimulates the body to secret stress hormone which further helps to activate the mechanism in the brain. You should undertake light exercise during night time, as you are exhausted during this particular moment of time. Light walking, jumping or 10 minutes of yoga can help to induce deep and better sleep.

8. Take Care of the Activities You Take Up Before Sleep

Generally, what to do you do before going to bed? Do you discuss emotional affairs or constantly fight with your partner? If you have not observed till now, let me tell you the day you actually discuss any emotional affair or perhaps have fight with your lover or any of the friends; it directly affects your sleep. Now, you either don’t want to fall asleep or you are sleeping, still awakened. This gives a conclusion that these negative or laborious activities have lead to destroy the quality of your sleep. So, before you go to bed take up light activities like reading, listening music etc. Encourage reading habits before sleep, as it helps to improve the quality of sleep as well as helps in various other ways. If you are a person who takes all the problems to bed, than keep all of them aside and never take them to bed.

Next time you are on bed, remember these tips to have a better sleep. Have a good night!

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