10 Reasons You’re Not Sleeping Well At Night

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Sleep is very important in this hectic and fast running life. Good sleep keeps your mind and body fresh, active and healthy. If you are not able to have a good sleep you are going to be restless, irritated and tired whole day. Sometimes many reasons or things don’t let you sleep well at night.

Some Reasons Affecting Your Sleep Are As Follows

1. Late Exercise

  • If you go for exercising at gym or at home in three hours before going to sleep, it will disturb your sleep. Exercising overstimulates the metabolism and increases the heart rate which causes frequent awakenings and restlessness throughout the sweet night.
  • Practice exercising in morning timings or not later than the mid to the late afternoon. It will give you a sound sleep and sweet dreams at night.

2. Darkness

  • Darkness also plays a very important role in the sound sleep. If it is not dark enough then you are also not able to sleep well at night. Ideally, all the lights of the bedroom should be switched off.
  • Lights emitting from the TV or any other electronic devices will disturb the sleep.
  • When the eyes gets exposed to the light in the night, your brain is forced to think that time has come to wake up. In turn, it decreases the melatonin production. It is a hormone which is released by the pineal gland which lowers the temperature of the body and induces the sleepiness.
  • Light emitting from the electronic equipment is very troublesome due to its resemblance to the sunlight.

3. Drinking Alcohol

  • Drinking alcohol very late at night also affects the sleep. Some people think alcohol as an inducer of sleep. But this is not true. In fact, it hinders the sleep by interfering with the REM sleep which makes your body feel more lazy and tired in the next morning.
  • You will feel sleepy whenever you are drunk but that is short term sleepiness and due to the affect of alcohol.
  • If the temperature of your room is too warm it will also not let you a sound sleep. Your brain and body wants to relax in a cool atmosphere. So you need to follow a cool-down method to chill the atmosphere according to weather.
  • Fan is the ideal choice as it will keep the room cool and a white noise is consistently produced and will help you for a sound sleep.
  • Don’t cool the atmosphere too much as that will also disrupt your sleep.

4. Clock Watching

  • It is not very hard to stop staring at the clock when your sleep is broken in the night.
  • Take a turn around so that you are not facing it. It is the best way to avoid the clock.
  • When you watch the clock habitually, in turn, the circadian rhythms are trained in the wrong way. They let you waking up regularly and exactly at 3:00 every night.

5. Caffeine:

  • Caffeine has an average half-life around 5 hours. It means that your body still having first dose in three quarters which is rolling in the body system for around 10 hours of your drink.
  • Many people are habitual of drinking coffee more than once in a day. Most of the people are in a habit of drinking coffee late at night which disturbs the sleep and will not let you sleep well.
  • So start drinking your cup of coffee early to take a sound sleep at night.

6. Watching TV:

  • Watching TV is a bad idea while waiting for sleep. You will start feeling sleepy while watvching but you will not have a sound sleep.
  • It stimulates the activity of the brain and it goes exactly opposite as your motive is of sound sleep.
  • Also the light emitting from your TV is asking your brain to be awake and is a big hindrance to your sleep.
  • So switch off your TV and relax your mind and have a sound sleep.

7. Problems:

  • Keep your all tensions and problems away while sleeping. Do not try to solve your problems in the night.
  • While lying on the bed all our tensions and worries come into the mind disturbing the sleep.
  • We start discussing all problems which does not let us sleep well.
  • If you start running on the treadmill of worries, you will be awake for a longer period.
  • Try to divert your mind away from the problems and think something good which will make you happy and let you sleep well.

8. Eating Protein:

  • Intake of protein is not good for a healthy sleep if consumed near to bedtime.
  • It requires too much of energy in digesting and it keeps the system churning while you are waiting for a sound sleep.
  • Sleep and protein combination is a bad one. Maintain a good time gap between the two.
  • You can have light carbohydrates as an alternative to proteins at night to sleep well.

9. Smoking:

  • Smoking before bedtime is not good for your sleep.
  • Smokers have their mind set that it will help them in sound sleep. But that is only a trick due to neurochemical effect.
  • Nicotine is known to be very effective stimulant.
  • Whenever you are trying to sleep and go for smoking, it will wake you up unexpectedly many times in the night time as if you have drank your favorite coffee cup.
  • So try not to smoke at least one hour before you go to sleep. It will not disrupt your sleep at mid night and you will sleep well.

10. Lunchtime Curry:

  • A heavy chilli dose in the lunch time can also be responsible for your disturbed sleep.
  • It can awake you many times at night even many hours have passed after eating it.
  • Studies suggests that an active ingredient capsaicin gives heat to the chilli which increases wakefulness leading to disrupted or no sleep.

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