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Burn 200 Calories in 30 Minutes by Walking!

Learn how to you burn extra calories just by walking. Walking is easy and safest way of exercise for all kinds of fitness levels. However, by normal gait burning is limited and rarely exceeds 3 to 4 calories per minute.

Instead of walking at a steady pace for 30 minutes is wasting time. Randomly walk in six consecutive speeds for every five-minute by increasing or decreasing your speed in various ways.

The Walking Technique:

  1. In the first five minutes try to go greatest possible distance with a relatively fast pace.
  2. In the 2nd and 3rd switch back and forth, five minutes’ walk slow for three minutes, fast walking for two minutes for 2 times (total 10 minutes).
  3. In the fourth five minutes you can walk at a moderate pace for 30 seconds and then, without stopping, mark your time for another 30 seconds.Repeat for five times (total of 5 minutes).
  4. In the fifth, five minutes you add normal walking exercises such as fast movements back and forth hand movements as a warm up, changes of direction, sideways steps, side steps, steps backward, zig-zag, etc would help.
  5. In the last five minutes gradually slow down, “ladder-staircase” your pace.In particular, start walking very quickly for 1 minute, continue for 1 minute with fast pace then drop in 1 minute at moderate pace later one minute in slower pace and finally in left 1 minutes at a rate of leisure ride.


Whenever, starting your program without much difficulty choose a harder ground. E.g. Walking over uphill.


  • You can do exactly same program by holding dumbbells especially in hands or wrist weights or wearing additional weight on vest or having a full backpack on your back.
  • Alternatively, it can be a treadmill with adapting the speed and incline.


  • This program is aimed for healthy people who exercise at least three months and have at least moderate fitness.
  • The calculation of calorie burning is indicative and weight for women 65 kg.

Thus, Exercising can be done effectively without any fitness gadgets. Walking not only improves out fitness level and also keeps us away from stress and anxiety.

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Article Name
Burn 200 Calories in 30 Minutes by Walking!
Learn how to you burn extra calories just by walking. Walking is easy and safest way of exercise for all kinds of fitness levels. However, by normal gait

Written by: Pravallika Menon

Pravallika Menon is editor & Writer for "BeautyEpic.com". Full time beautician for a organic Hair n Makeup saloon. She has completed graduation in Andhra University. Social Activist & Yoga Trainer.

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