How to Burn More Calories While Walking?

How to Burn Calories While Walking

One of the less strenuous exercises or activities that anyone can do at any time of the day or night is walking. It can help one to get about of fresh air and sunshine that is beneficial for health, helps one to discover the sights and sounds around them as well as burn calories, depending on the pace and the time spent on this activity.

How to Burn Calories While Walking?

burn more calories while walking

Even if you are adverse to strenuous exercises, simple activities such as walking can help one to burn calories. Such a physical activity is good for controlling weight and helps to burn off calories. For instance, if 30 minutes of brisk walks are done in a day, it will help to burn about 150 calories a day. It is best to walk with a quick pace that helps in making it an effective exercise.

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Walking Hills

calories burned walking hills

This is an effective way to boost the burning of calories through walking. When going uphill, one can do so at a gradual pace as the uphill terrain requires pushes up the cardiovascular activity of the system. While coming downhill, one can increase their pace and enjoy a brisk walk, overall helping one to have a good and effective exercise.

One can plan a certain stretch of the uphill and downhill walk so that one does not walk too much of an uphill distance at one stretch. The limits can be increased as per one’s capability to walk hills.

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Power Walking or Race Walking

power walking calories burned

In race walking, that entire one does not break into a sprint. In races there are technicalities defined in such an activity, Even if one is not taking part in a competitive event, they can still take on the style and pace of race walking which would help one to stay fit and burn more calories per walk. This can be timed and measured as per the distance one covers in a certain time frame and calories burnt as a result.

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Take Your Dog

walking with dog for calories burn

When one has a dog as a pet, walking the pet can be a good way to enjoy walks. While the animals need this exercise every day, owners will find behaviors of their pets develop and bonds strengthen. The walks help to keep the weight off both the pets and the owners. It also improves socialization behavior.

Both pets and humans will benefit physically and mentally when they embark on a walk every day. Pets in small homes need to be given an outdoor space where they can roam around. If that is not available in one’s own home premises, it is necessary to take pets out for walks.

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Break Up Your Walk with Intervals

break while walking for calories burned

Interval walking is another effective form of this activity. It is akin to doing an activity in a vigorous manner and in short stints in time. This can help promote weight loss more effectively. The intervals are timed such that one enjoys a short but brisk walk and takes rest before getting fatigued. It helps to build up the heart rate and the calorie-burning process. It can also help to transition to a run.

Walking can be done at different levels of intensity. This can be a way to get outdoors, socialize, discover cities and towns as well as use it as a way to burn calories. There are different ways one can make walking more effective as an exercise, especially with techniques like power walking, intervals, doing it with a friend and so forth. One should also stretch their muscles after a brisk or long walk.

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