Are Scrunchies Better For Your Hair?

are scrunchies better for your hair

The trend of scrunchies is back with a bang, and women of all ages love it. Scrunchies that were once used have made a great comeback, giving various options to ladies. Not only do they look great, but they are also excellent for hair too.

There are different reasons why scrunchies make a great alternative to hair bands and other types of hair ties. Let’s check them out!

Reasons Why Scrunchies Are Better For Your Hair

1. Scrunchies Are Good for Hair

And when we say they are good for hair, we mean every word. Two major reasons make scrunchies good for hair-
They do not break the hair- One of the commonest issues using hair bands and other types of hair ties is they tend to pull the hair, making them prone to breakage. However, on the contrary, scrunchies do not tangle the hair. Due to the smooth and gliding fabric of scrunchies, the hair neither gets tangled nor knotted. They are perfect for little girls who have long hair and often complain of hair pull due to hair ties.

They do not leave kinks on hair- If you have a habit of sleeping on your hair tie, you may end up waking with a kink on the hair. However, with scrunchies, this is not the issue. Since they are soft, smooth, and gentle on hair strands, they do not leave deep kinks on hair that often gets hard to get rid of.

2. Scrunchies are in trend and look stylish

Scrunchies are back in trend, and women love them. You can find scrunchies in multiple patterns and fabrics. The more liveliness you want in your personality, the more colors and varieties you can explore. It changes the looks easily, enhancing how cool your hair seems. With different patterns and textures, scrunchies should be your go-to.
Another good thing about scrunchies is that you can color match your outfit, just like you do with your handbags and shoes.

3. Scrunchies look far prettier than any other hair tie

Most hair ties blend with your natural hair and are hardly noticeable. However, when it comes to scrunchies, they make a statement. The best part is you can wear them on your wrist if you want to open your hair for a while. They look great as a bracelet too.

Since scrunchies are smooth and made with soft fabric, they do not hurt the wrist like any other hair tie. It won’t leave an indentation and will be perfect to wear both on hands and hair. One scrunchie and two functions aren’t it great!

4. Using scrunchies make you feel good

While hair ties may give you headaches due to pulling the hair excessively, scrunchies will keep them relaxed. The best thing with scrunchies is you can leave them loose enough to hold the hair and tight enough not to make you feel uncomfortable.

Using scrunchies keeps the headache at bay and makes your hair and head feel light and relaxed.

Some other reasons that make scrunchies better for your hair and a great alternative for hair ties are-

  • Elastics may cause hair breakage, but a well-made scrunchie will provide an extra layer of protection due to the additional fabric over the elastic. Since most of the hair gets damaged during the detangling process with the traditional hair ties, scrunchies keep that worry at bay.
  • Scrunchies use elastics that are made with natural fiber and are wider in dimension. The braided elastic provides a good hold to the hair without causing any hair breakage.
  • Out of different fabrics used to make scrunchies, silk and satin are the most popular as they maintain hair health. Both these fabrics do not naturally draw the moisture from the hair and ensure the prevention of hair damage. You can sleep with a scrunchie on your hair with no worries.
  • While some people believe scrunchies are only for heavy or curly hair, they also make a great option for fine and silky hair. It is because they make the hair look more voluminous and heavy.

When it comes to hair accessories, scrunchies have taken a secure place in the vanity bag. They can make the hair go from bad to great in just 20 seconds. Also, they can easily upgrade any outfit. Whether you hit the gym where sweating makes the hair prone to getting tangled with a hair tie or to the pool where water can again do the same, a scrunchie will come to the rescue. Ditch your hair ties and hold on to scrunchies to give your hair a boost.

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