Are Headbands Bad For Your Hair?

are headbands bad for your hair

Headbands are a hair accessory that is tied around the forehead for keeping the hair away from the face and creating different hairstyles as well. There are various types of headbands based on the material types. Let us see these and if they are harmful to your hair.

Headbands Bad For Your Hair

Types Of Headbands And Their Impact On The Hair

Here are the reasons why certain types of headbands are bad for your hair:

1. Elastic Headbands: This pulls back the hair tightly and can cause discomfort in the form of headaches. Sore spots occur when the tender hair on the scalp gets pulled and results in hair loss along the hairline.

2. Textured Headbands: The bottom of such headbands is textured to keep them secured to the hair with tiny teeth-like structures. These might tear the hair from the follicles, damaging the roots, especially when you try to readjust it.

3. Metal Headbands: These can clip off pieces of hair and pull them, causing the hairline to recede with consistent use. It can even result in traction alopecia in which hair gets thinned because of excess stress on the follicles.

4. Full Headbands: These are in form of scarves or athletic bands that cover the hair fully. Sweatbands are an example of this type of headband, made using terrycloth or bandanas. This can lead to the formation of dents, disrupt the curls and cause a slight wave in the straight hair. Due to heat and irritation, there can be hair fall.

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Preventing Hair Damage By Headbands

You need to carefully choose the headband material if you do not want any hair loss. These materials include:

1. Softer Fabrics: These are often made of silk or satin that just lay against the hair, rather than binding it tightly as the conventional elastic hairbands do.

2. Cloth: These are often made of absorbent materials such as polyester, cloth and microfleece so that the fabric absorbs the moisture and reduces discomfort.

3. Ponytail Bands: This is a good option when you want to wear a low ponytail. These are similar to sweatbands which can be wrapped around the entire head. A cut-out in the back ensures easy sticking out of the ponytail. Using them during cold days is the best as it can keep you warm.

Headbands can be carefully chosen so that they can act as a functional hair accessory that not only looks good but also prevents damage to the hair. Always try to be gentle on your hair while using the headbands as the primary reason for receding hairline is tying the headbands tightly.

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