Can I Blow Dry My Hair After Dying It?

can i blow dry my hair after dying it

If you are thinking of dyeing your hair after years of having the same old natural hair color, do not hesitate. Coloring hair brings interest to the personality. It makes you look fascinating and attractive. Hair coloring, tattooing, piercing, etc., are considered different ways to enhance the looks.

While natural black or blonde hair starts seeming dull after some time, hair color brings charm and newness. You look fresh all over again. However, hair coloring is not as easy as it seems. It brings a lot of queries and dilemmas to mind, among which one is can I blow dry hair after dying it. Is it a healthy practice?

Blow Dry My Hair After Dying It

Blow-Drying The Hair After Coloring

Different hair treatments expose hair to different chemicals. Dying your hair means making them interact with bleaches and hair colors. If you think all these are safe and healthy, you are wrong. Many people keep on changing their hair color, not knowing that it will cause more harm than help.(1)

Maybe hair color could make you look cool and trendy, but it deteriorates the hair quality, especially if you do not follow aftercare.

When the question is about blow-drying the hair after coloring, you can definitely go for it, but it is more like adding gasoline to the fire. Dying or coloring damages the hair strands and make them devoid of moisture. When you blow-dry them, you aid in extracting the rest of the moisture from the strands, making them fragile and damaged.

Blow drying the hair after getting them colored will make them weak and prone to hair fall. Even though you can blow-dry in case of emergency, it should not be on your top list during hair styling. Still, if you are using a dryer, use a spray or leave-in conditioner before blow-drying. It will prevent further damage to some extent.

It is always advised to air dry the colored hair.

What Are The Risks With Dry Hair?

Dry hair means there is a lack of moisture in your hair strands. If you keep making the hair dry by blow-drying, the hair gets frizzy and brittle. In severe cases, you will experience huge hair fall as the hair become weak right from the roots.(2)
Apart from dry, frizzy, and fragile hair, you may also suffer from scalp conditions like dandruff, especially in winters. It will again lead to hair loss.

You can also have dry hair due to excessive heat styling tools. Over time, it makes the shafts weak, causing hair loss. Therefore, keeping the hair well moisturized and nourished is the best way to make them healthy and lustrous.

Can I Blow Dry Bleached Hair?

The answer to this question is a big NO. You should never blow dry your hair right after bleaching as bleached hair are vulnerable and more prone to damage. Using any heat styling tool can damage the bleached hair permanently as it will extract the moisture from the shafts, leaving them dry and fragile. It will eventually lead to hair damage and hair loss.(3)

Once you have bleached the hair, keep all your heat styling tools miles apart if you really care about your hair health. Do not use tools like a dryer, curler, straightener, etc. At the same time, you should avoid washing your hair often. After washing, use a microfiber towel and gently soak the excess water without causing breakage. It is one of the ways to keep the bleached hair managed.

What Other Things Should I Avoid After Hair Dying?

Apart from blow drying, follow these tips to keep your colored or dyed hair healthy.

  1. Use a substitute shampoo as shampoo will extract the essential oil from the scalp and hair that are essential for the colored hair to stay hydrated and moisturized.
  2. Avoid swimming for a few weeks, and chlorine in the pool’s water could react to the hair color, changing it to something else.
  3. Do not wash your hair for at least three days after coloring to keep the intensity strong.
  4. Stick to gentle cleansers that as harsh ones can remove the fresh pigment from the strands, fading your hair color sooner than expected.
  5. Avoid soaking hair in hot water; instead, use lukewarm or cold water that seals the cuticle and locks the fresh color.
  6. Avid heated workout for some time as it will cause sweating on your head, increasing the urge to wash your hair.
  7. Use a scarf or umbrella as direct sun rays strip off colors easily.

Now that you know how to take care of your dyed hair and whether blow-drying the hair is a good practice or not, make the right decision that works in favor of your hair’s health.

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