How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin – 10 Fantastic Ways To Get That Stain Off

Coloring hair is an age old trend. Be it modern day fashion or an old age necessity, dying hair is an integral part of our lives. But doing it at home can get extremely messy and all those drips and stains can look awful. We all think of seeking professional help, but not every time we land a the salon. Because of the easiness of applying dye at home, we tend to experiment it all by ourselves. Sometimes we can be flawless, but usually doing it without a stain on the skin needs skills.

Though we take the basic precautions to avoid all that stain, sometimes it just doesn’t work and we get inked for all the wrong reasons. Dye on the skin can cause various allergies for a few individuals if it remains on the skin for a long span of time. Rather than just having it on like a patch on the skin, putting in effort and removing it will always be a good option.

So despite all that effort, if you have dye on your skin then follow these tips and remove that hair dye from skin easily.

1. Use A Hair Colour Stain Remover:

This could be the easiest of all tips. So if you have all that dye stains, the fastest and quickest way to get them removed is by a hair colour stain remover available at salon and beauty stores. It is advisable that you pick up the stain remover along with your hair color to avoid any inconvenience later. Just pour some colour stain remover on a towel and gently rub it around the dyed patches on the skin. It will vanish with in no time.

However, if you are skin is sensitive and you have an history of allergy, then you should refrain from trying this. Instead you could chose from one of the below mentioned tips to remove the dye.

2. Use Petroleum Jelly:

A lot of you must be using petroleum jelly before applying the hair color to avoid stains. This actually helps but did you know petroleum jelly could help you remove those stains as well. All you need to do is gently run the jelly over the dyed patch till you see the dye dissolving and mixing with it. Once the jelly turns into that color, wipe it off with a towel and your skin will be all stain free.

 3. Try Home-made Scrub:

A lot of women want to avoid chemicals on their skin and excessive rubbing can cause harm too. For all the women who would want to try something natural the best thing to do would be making yourself some home made scrub.
To make the scrub, add some tablespoons of ground oats, a little bit of honey and some water. You could make the scrub by just adding sugar to water as well. Once you get a good consistency, gently rub it onto the dyed skin patch and massage. It would slowly start disappearing. Once it completely vanishes apply some moisturizer.

4. Try The Toothpaste:

Take some of the toothpaste and evenly apply it on the patch. Keep it that way fro a while and then gently massage it. The cleaning and whitening agents in the toothpaste will d-colorize the patch and you would be stain free.

5. Try The Nail Remover:

Use a nail polish remover if nothing of the above works. However, there might be a chance of irritation, so try and use it only for smaller patches. To use, pour a few drops of nail polish remover on a cotton swab and wipe it on the patch. You will see it gradually fading out.

6. Try Baking Soda and Dish-washing Soap:

Baking soda and dish-washing soap both are extremely strong cleaning agents. If the nominal methods like the above don’t work then this could be your saver. For this, you have to mix the baking soda to the washing soap and form a paste. Once the paste is ready, apply it on the patched skin. Gently massage it over and wash it well. Post rinsing the patch should disappear.

 7. Try Liquid Laundry Detergent:

The liquid laundry detergent can be a good idea as it is meant to remove stains from fabrics. But as it is your skin be very careful. Take a small amount of the liquid and apply on the dye patch. Rub it evenly for 5-10 minutes. After this wash the area with warm water and pat dry. The patch would go away. Apply some coconut oil to avoid dry skin around that area.

8. Try Olive Oil:

Olive oil is a good stain remover too. Apply it around the area and rub. Avoid getting this and all the above into your eye as it might cause severe irritation. Apply the oil on all the patches and leave it overnight. It would soak in all the color and the next day you could just rinse it off with water. Apply a mild shampoo around the area to remove the oil completely.

9. Try WD-40:

This in fact is the most successful product in removing dye stain from the skin. But this is just not meant for the face. Facial skin is soft and tender and can easily get damaged with the use of these chemicals. So except the face WD-40 can do wonders. Spray some of it in a cotton ball and apply it around the patches. Wipe it off and your patch will vanish.

10. Get Professional Help:

If you are unable to tackle this issue all by yourself, then the best thing to do is seek professional  help. They would know how to remove the stain without affecting the skin or hair.
Now, that we wind up with these methods of removing the dye from skin, we hope you can avoid all the staining in the best way you can. And just in case you get inked, you can stop the struggle and get the dye off your skin right away with our remedies!
Have a great time coloring Ladies!


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How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin – 10 Fantastic Ways To Get That Stain Off
Dying hair is an integral part of our lives. But doing it at home can get extremely messy and all those drips and stains can look awful. Follow these tips and remove that hair dye from skin easily.

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