How To Remove Hair Dye Stain From Sink

How To Remove Dye Stain From Sink

Dye or coloring the hair is very common and a necessity for both men and women. We always do this hair dyeing and do not concentrate on another thing. While applying the dye, it splashes all over the sink and there are a lot of challenges and difficult things that happened in the sink and bathtubs. Hereafter, no need to worry and despair about the stains in the sink and bathtubs. Scroll down to know more about this.

Difficulties With Hair Dye Stains In Sinks

In recent days especially during a pandemic time, we have experimented with many things like food, costumes, and house decoration and also think of cleaning long days stains. Considerably with dye stain in the sink, you may think it could be permanent, and you have tried with some normal washing agents. Find out some of the best ways to remove stains in sink.

Methods Of Removing Dye Stains From Sinks.

1. Mixing Vinegar And Baking Soda To Remove The Dye Stain

All possible and miracles have been done with cooking assert which we use normally in day-to-day life. Vinegar is one of the best liquids for cooking but also for the cleaning process.

The presence of heavy citric acid is breaking the thickness of stains and dirt. With this chemical, add the same amount of baking soda, and stir continuously.

When it comes to pasting, apply it to the sink and leave it for a few minutes. And wipe it with a scrubber or wipes roughly till the stain disappears. And wash with it normal water or warm water for better result.

2. Use Bleaching Powder To Remove Stains

Bleaching powder is one of the greatest ways of removing all kinds of stains most cheaply. From the olden days, we use to eliminate mildews and molds in bathrooms. Same way, add bleaching powder and water to an equal proportion apply and spread to the stained sink.

Let it be for 10 minutes and rub with a proper washing brush or scrubs. Eventually, you can see the lightning and gleaming sink.

3. Nail Polish Remover Clean The Dye Stains

Nail polish remover is always present in our make-up kits or households. In nail polish remover, presents of Acetone is an active element, that helps to eliminate stains. Take a wiper or clothes, dip it in nail polish remover, and applied to a stained place that should be dry. Wipe strongly till the stain goes, and you will see the magic in this process. No stains and dirt in the sink, but always be careful while handling it.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Removing Stains From The Sink

Hydrogen Peroxide is used for multi-purpose stuff; it is easily available on market. It is essentially working for cleaning purposes and removes hard stains. Like the way, pour hydrogen peroxide into stained sinks, leave it for 30 minutes and rub it with strong brushes, you can see the best result.

5. Lemon Essential Oil For Removing Stains

Lemon essential oil is a natural cleaning liquid available in all markets. Natural and safe options to use this lemon oil in a stained sink. Slightly wed the sink, spread this lemon essential oil, and rinse with the running water, you get the best result after eliminating the dirt from your sinks.

6. Rubbing Alcohol To Eliminate Stains From The Sink

Another best one to share our burden about the stained sink is rubbing alcohol. The effective way and easy tactics, to follow anytime to sink and bathtubs. Take cleaning clothes or a cotton ball, wet it with alcohol, and rub it until the stain goes.
Don’t use it on other painted areas or designs, because it erases that too. You can see all the dye stains disappear from the sink.

7. Use Washing Up Liquid For Removing Dye Stains

This is one of the very common methods regularly everyone will follow to remove the dye stains. Take washing up liquid and apply on a dye-stained place make lather it. Leave it for 10 minutes and a thorough rinse with water.

Do these methods two to three times till the stain goes. It is a less harmful method for removing dye stains from the sinks.

8. Dishwasher Bar Soap To Remove Dye Blot On A Sink

The normal cleaning material, which is always present in our house, is bar soap. Easy and simple methods to follow if the stains look very thin. Wet the sink, take a rough sponge with dishwasher soap and rub it continuously. You can see the immediate result with your eyes and repeat it twice.

Preventing Method Of Stain In Sink

We should focus while applying hair dye and take a few steps to avoid stains in the sink. Keep the faucet running till your hair dye is finished. When water is running continuously will make the stain not stick in the sink. Another method is applying Petroleum Jelly, which is Vaseline applying in on a sink before starting dyeing.

Once finished, wash the Vaseline with washing detergent thoroughly. The final option is to use Saran wrap before dyeing your hair.

Cover the sink with saran wrap after finishing hair dye, take off the saran wrap, and put it in a dustbin. You won’t get even a pinch of stain in the sink after hair dye. These are the preventing hacks better for stubborn stains.

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