Will My Hair Dye Run In A Swimming Pool?

will my hair dye run in a swimming pool

If you have recently dyed your hair and love swimming then this question would surely come to your mind if the dye will run off in a swimming pool. In case the pool water is chlorinated, there is a high probability of this happening. Since we never want the hair dye to fade off quickly, let us see more on this and how to avoid the hair dye from fading away.

How To Keep The Hair Dye Intact In A Swimming Pool?

Do not go to the swimming pool at least for 7 days after dying your hair with a permanent hair dye. In case it is a semi-permanent dye, you need to stay away from the swimming pool for 3 days. This will help the dye to set well so the running of the color can be prevented.

Avoid swimming in sunlight as the sun may fade away from your hair dye. Just like our skin, our hair too needs SPF.

Use hair specific sunscreens to grease the strands to block the harmful sun rays which can damage the hair as well as fade out the hair dye. Make sure to apply it often, especially when you are in sun for long hours, for maximum protection.

Want to wet your hair while in a swimming pool, use some clean water to wet it before entering the pool. Don’t want to wet your hair at all? Then put on your shower cap.

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Wash your hair with clean water after coming out of the pool to remove chlorine that might bleach your hair.

Deep condition your hair regularly to ensure the longevity of the hair dye. Always use shampoo and conditioners which are specially formulated for the color treated hair.

Chlorine or salt water can strip off the natural moisture from the hair, resulting in damage and split ends. To avoid this, use a good hair oil like argan or coconut before going into the swimming pool as this will act as an extra layer that will keep the hair nourished.

What Happens When You Go Into The Swimming Pool With Dyed Hair?

Hair might turn green on sweeping because of the oxidized copper in the pool water. This applies mainly to people with blonde hair or any light shaded hair. When the oxidized copper binds to the protein of our hair, it becomes green. Those with dark coloured hair, are less susceptible to this issue.

It is important to follow the tips mentioned above to avoid re-visit to the salon and keep your hair dye intact even while swimming. This may take some effort but following consistently can ensure the hair dye last longer.

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