What Happens If You Burn Your Hair With A Lighter?

what happens if you burn your hair with a lighter

If hair gets burnt with a lighter, its outer layers get burnt, which leaves the cortex exposed. Application of more heat to the damaged hair makes it brittle which results in its complete breakoff. Burning hair with a lighter isn’t common but instances like overheated flat iron while straightening can also harm the hair. Read on to know more about this and the remedies.(1)

Does Burnt Hair Grow Back?

No, there are fewer chances of the burnt hair growing back and depending on the level of damage to the scalp. In severe cases, surgery can help in getting some hair back on the scalp.

When the damage is minor, the scalp can make full recovery in due course of time. Hair regrowth can be seen with the healing of the scalp which usually takes 3 months. In case there is no re-growth by a year after the incident, it implies that the scarring was severe and the chances of regrowth are almost nil.

Things To Do When Hair Gets Burnt

1. Seek The Help of Professionals: Get medical help when your hair has burnt. Never try to fix it yourself as this will just prolong the suffering.

2. Use Olive oil For Conditioning The Hair: Warm half cup of olive oil and rub it on the hair. The tresses can be covered with a plastic bag and then the head can be wrapped in a towel. Leave it for 45 minutes before rinsing off with a gentle shampoo.(2)

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3. Heal The Damage with Avocado: You can mash a ripe avocado after removing its pit and mix it with an egg. Applying the mixture to wet hair, leave for 20 minutes and then rinse. Doing this once a week to restore the hair luster and the vitamins and fatty acids makes it healthy.(3)

4. Use Botanical oils: This includes jojoba, sweet almond and olive oil which are boons for damaged hair. Even coconut hair can be used for thicker hair. To use these, dampen your hair and apply some botanical oil thoroughly. Wear a shower cap and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing with shampoo.

5. Rinsing Hair with Tea: Unsweetened and freshly brewed tea can be used as a final rinsing for the hair after regular shampoo. The tea will enhance the hair color. Brunettes and blondes can go for black tea to darken the tresses.

6. Use Apple Cider Vinegar Mask: 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar can be mixed with 3 egg whites and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Applying the mixture to dry hair and keeping it covered for 30 minutes in a shower cap before rinsing with a shampoo, can have a nourishing effect on the scalp and help in hair regrowth.

If you have accidentally burnt your hair, avoid chemical-based products and use herbal shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks to ensure that healthy hair can re-grow once the scalp gets healed. Embrace the change and wait patiently instead of trying different treatments at a time.

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