Do Perms Cause Hair Loss & Hair Damage?

do perms cause hair loss

Perm is a treatment to distort or change the hair’s chemical makeup. People do it to straighten the hair but it comes with some negative effects like weakening and causing hair loss. Read on to check more on this and ways of minimizing it.

Impact Of Perms On Hair

Perm weakens the hair and causes damage more than dye or heat. Once the hair follicles weaken, split ends are caused. Even the hair volume decreases and the natural oils in the hair are stripped off, resulting in very dry hair.

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Ways Of Avoiding Harmful Impact Of Perm

Always visit a professional hair stylist to ensure that the perming will have the least negative effects on the hair and scalp health. Follow these tips before perming:

  • Make sure that you have a healthy scalp.
  • Do not brush or scratch your hair the day before perming.
  • There should be no cuts or irritation on the scalp as this can lead to chemical burns in the perming process.

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Tips To Follow After Perming

  1. Avoid the use of styling tools that use excess heat. The temperature must be restricted to 300 F.
  2. Moisturize your hair with light creams so the stronger hairs will remain. Hardening gels and products based on alcohol should be avoided.
  3. Use shampoos and conditioner with herbal ingredients, to keep the hair hydrated and healthy.
  4. Taking the hair growth vitamins under the doctor’s guidance can also help in strengthening the hair.
  5. Have a healthy diet and enough sleep. Include green vegetables and fruits and quit smoking or drinking habits.

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Is Perming Safe?

The answer to this question is specific to each individual. You need to check with your hairstylist and inform him if:

  1. You bleached your hair.
  2. Did hair coloring.
  3. Your hair is already dry and damaged.
  4. You also need to inform if you are pregnant as the chemicals are used during perming treatment, which might be harmful to your baby.

After informing these points, if the hair stylist can assure you that your hair quality won’t deteriorate after perming, you can safely go for it. Avoid going to cheap perming options as they can significantly damage your hair and scalp because of the low-quality products used.

Perming is a common way to make the hair appear more voluminous and create a hair texture. It is a chemical process that lets you select your desired hairstyle and with proper care, it can last for months but at the same time, you need to be cautious about the side effects and follow all the tips mentioned to keep your hair strong and healthy. Always stick to the advice of your professional hair stylist for the best results.

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