Does Color Remover Damage Hair?

does color remover damage hair

Sometimes we do not receive the same shade we desire, and sometimes it doesn’t look good on us. The day you decide to remove your hair color, you think about different ways to get rid of them.

Color remover is one of the ways to remove hair color. They are meant to save the disaster and help you get back to your normal shade. If you want to know does color remover damage hair, we will provide all the information about hair color that you must know.

Color Remover Damage Hair

What Is A Hair Color Remover, And When Is It Used?

Hair color remover is one of the best, proven, and most gentle ways of removing hair color. Apart from removing color, it is also for the following-

  • It is used to prepare the hair when you want to change the shade or tone from warm to cold.
  • It aids in removing the color that build-up with repeated and frequent dying.

When you dye hair frequently, especially with the same shade, they start getting dull, dry, loose shine, and looks heavy. Another sign of accumulated color is bright outgrowths and matte ends that need color correction. It is done with the help of color remover.

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How Does A Color Remover Work?

As you apply the color remover, it penetrates the hair shafts and dissolves the artificial color pigments applied to them. Once the pigments dissolve, the dye has nothing to hold on to. As you wash the hair, the color washes out as well. The results become evident after a wash, and your hair gets rid of artificial hair color.

It is important to know that hair color remover is not bleach. Therefore, the natural hair color will remain as such while only the artificial color will wash out.

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What Is The Difference Between Color Remover And Bleach?

The color remover enters the hair strands and works on loosening the artificial pigments on them. It doesn’t touch the natural pigments, leaving your natural color intact. At the same time, the hair is not damaged.

On the contrary, bleach enters the hair strands and removes artificial and natural pigments from hair, making them dry, brittle, and damaged.

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What Will Be My Hair Color After Its Application?

When you use hair color remover, it removes the artificial pigments. It is the sole function of this product. Color remover is not responsible for restoring your original hair color. What will be the color of your hair will depend upon what products were applied to your hair in the previous coloring. If you have applied an oxidizing color, the color remover will not restore the original hair shade.

The more frequently you color your hair, the more likely your natural color will get lightened or removed.
Why did my hair become brass/yellow after the application color remover?

When you use a color remover, you will get a warmer tone. If your hair turned brass or yellow, it is because of the developer used in the previous coloring. You can correct this warmer tone by using a hair toner or coloring your hair to the shade you desire.

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How Many Times Can I Use A Color Remover?

If you want to remove hair color applied a month ago, one application of color remover will suffice. You can use it multiple times in a row, with a maximum of three times.

If you have had your hair colored for a long time- many months or years, a lot of colors would have been deposited on the hair strands. A decent amount of hair color remover and repeated application is necessary for its removal.

The longer your hair is colored, the longer it will take to remove the color. At the same time, the shade of color also matters. For instance, dark shades like black and red are harder to remove than light shades.

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Does Color Remover Damaged Hair?

No, hair color removers are generally safe to use on hair and do not damage the hair like bleach does. However, you must use the remover in the correct ways. The hair can get damaged in the following conditions-

  • When you let the color remover stay on hair longer than instructed.
  • When you do not rinse the hair properly, the artificial color pigments do not wash out completely, leading to re-oxidation and causing the development of the previous color.

Now that you know color remover is an excellent way to remove hair color, use it without any second thoughts. But, make sure you use it properly and as directed to get the best results.

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