Can You Dye Your Hair With Food Coloring

can you dye your hair with food coloring

If you want to dye your hair fun colors, food coloring is an easy and inexpensive way to do it. Food coloring is much less harsh on your hair than store-bought dyes. It is easy to work and very affordable non-permanent hair color that goes smoothly on locks. You can use a white conditioner as a temporary option. If you want it to be permanent, it’s better to use a developer. Food coloring is fade faster than store-bought dyes, but this is the best option to obtain a feel for a specific color without engaging with it. In this blog, you will see how to make food coloring, how to use it, and what its benefits are.

Dye Your Hair With Food Coloring

How To Prepare Food Color Dye For Your Hair?

You can make food color dye in a few simple ways. Those ways are as follows

  • Select A Protected Place: Choose an area that can be clean easily, such as the kitchen or bathroom. If that chosen area is difficult to clean, you can spread a big plastic sheet or some newspaper on the floor and have all your supplies ready.
  • Wear Old Clothes And Plastic Hand Gloves: It is a good idea to wear old clothes and plastic gloves before you make food coloring and when applying food coloring to your hair. If you don’t have old clothes, wear dark-colored clothes instead. Better take an old towel or hair dye smock to wrap around your shoulders. Then, buy a nylon cap available at beauty salons to protect your clothes.
  • Squeeze The White Conditioner: Take a plastic container or bowl and squeeze as much white conditioner as needed to cover your hair. There should be at least 2 tablespoons of white conditioner. It is better to avoid color conditioner as it affects the color of the dye. If you want permanent dye, then use 2 tablespoons developer instead of a white conditioner.
  • Add Food Coloring: Food coloring will vary depending on how dark you expect it to be. Similarly, depending on the use of food coloring, a deeper color is obtained. If you use vegetable-based dyes instead of food coloring gel, it will leach into your hair. If you want permanent dye, then combine 1 tablespoon developer into food coloring.
  • Modify The Dye Colour: If necessary, modify the dye color to equalize brassy or yellow tones. Whether your hair has brassy or blonde undertones, adding blue or purple to your dye can remove unwanted color.

How To Apply Food Coloring To Your Hair?

You can apply food coloring dye in a few simple steps. The directions are as follows

  • Split Your Hair Into Small Sections: If you want to easily dye your hair, split it into at least four sections. Similarly, if you want to dye the sections of hair in different colors, separate the dye colors according to the sections of hair.
  • Use Food Coloring Dye To Hair: Using your coloring brush or hands, apply the color dye starting from the roots to the ends of the hair and you can apply the different colors to your divided hair sections. If you want thin sections of hair to stand out, wrap the other sections with aluminum foil and apply the dye to those thin sections.
  • Let The Product In The Hair For ½ Hour To 3 Hours: You put a shower cap or plastic bag or plastic wrap over your hair. If you want, twist your hair into a bun and secure it with a claw clip or plastic hair clip. Leave it on your hair for ½ hour to 3 hours. Leave the dye on your hair longer if you want a deeper color. Likewise, the lighter your hair becomes, the faster the color will change. If you want permanent color using the developer, you should leave it on for at least 40 minutes. Perhaps if you want to get a lighter color, leave it for a short time.

Things To Do After Food Coloring Your Hair

After you have done food coloring to your hair, you can get the desired hair color if you follow the following procedure

  • Test Your Hair: After doing food coloring and leaving it for a long time, test your little bit of hair by washing. If it’s lighter, then leave your hair again. Perhaps, you should do the next step if your wash time is correct
  • Wash Your Hair: Once you’ve confirmed your desired color, wash your hair with cool water without using shampoo and conditioner. Removes the color of scalp hair. Then use a towel or air to dry the hair. Temporary dyes last up to 2 weeks and then gradually begin to fade. Permanent dyes start to fade a little over 3 weeks.


Concluding that, you may have a clear understanding of how to use food color hair dye for your hair and what are the steps to be followed. Look out keenly to do this process perfectly.

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