How To Get Rid Of Static Hair?

how to get rid of static hair

Static hair looks bad when they start spreading apart and get that straight look. In winters, static hair is a common problem as when cold weather hits the horizon, your hair strands rub against each other and the charge builds up. Static hair hovers around the head making your whole appearance embarrassing. So what to do ladies? In such a case, you should follow a few quick and easy remedies, won’t you?

With static hair, styling becomes very hard and it becomes extremely important to sort out this issue. Tackling the static hair issue is not everyone’s cup of tea because it needs patience but following the right methods will do the needful. If you are looking to eliminate static hair, jump to the remedies section immediately. Want to go out on an evening dinner? Arghhh, static hair all over, dealing to make them look at least a little presentable is quite common. Read on!

What Causes Static Hair?

Static hair is because of lack of moisture in the air, heated indoor environment, low humidity, and other elements as well. Fine hair is more prone to static cling and those wearing hats invite worse static hair problems. When hair becomes charged with electricity, electrons move from one atom to another as the hair is made of atoms comprising electrons, protons, and neurons. When electrons move, the atoms charge leading to static hair. To keep hair smooth and static free, check out these below mentioned remedies to try at home.

How To Get Rid Of Static Hair Naturally?

With all this in mind, here we have listed a few remedies to get rid of static hair naturally.

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Face Cream

face cream for static hair

Any face cream will do the needful. Make sure the cream you are using is good in moisturizing. Open your bag and take out the cream maybe, a lotion, face or hand cream.

Things you Need: Any cream

How to Do: Take out a little amount and rub on your hands. Apply on your hair quickly and you will see static hair is gone. Do not apply too much of it as the hair will get oily.

Best Time to Do: Do this whenever your hair gets static.

Number of repetitions: You can do this once every day to get rid of static hair.

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Oil Your Hair

oil for static hair

Oils like coconut, jojoba, almond, argan, and olive oil have extreme moisturizing properties. Dry and brittle hair is due to lack of moisture and these oils restore the moisture back.

Things you Need:

  • Any of the above oils
  • A hair brush

How to Do: Apply a few drops of any of the oils to the dry ends of hair. Brush your hair gently.

Best Time to Do: Use this remedy anytime you want in the day or night. The most preferable time is the day time as you might have to go to office or anywhere else with your family or friends.

Number of repetitions: You can do this every day if your hair is too brittle or dry.

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Moisturizing Hair Products

moisturizing hair products for static hair

Dry hair gets static due to the secretion of scalp oils. To deal with dry ends, you need to apply ingredients like banana, avocados and coconut milk. These are the key ingredients to use in winters on dry hair as dry air rips off the moisture of your scalp making the hair static.

Things you Need: Moisturizing hair masks, serums, or shampoos containing shea butter or banana

How to do: After washing your hair, apply hair mask or serum. Let the hair dry and you will see noticeable results.

Best time to do: Whenever you wash your hair, apply the serum or mask immediately after that.

Number of repetitions: Once on every alternate day i.e. when you wash your hair.

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Use a Hair Conditioner

Use a Hair Conditioner

Things you Need:

  • A hair conditioner
  • A comb

How to do: After washing your hair, apply some hair conditioner and wait for a minute. Use a comb to free your hair of tangles. Rinse it off and use a towel to pat dry.

Best time to do: You can do this anytime but the best time would be in the morning when you take a bath.

Number of repetitions: Doing it once on alternate days will be beneficial.

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Use a Hairspray

Use a Hairspray

Using a hairspray will reduce static hair. For this,

Things you Need:

  • Hairspray
  • A wooden comb

How to do: Sprinkle some hairspray on the wooden comb and brush your hair with the evenly distributed product across the comb. Don’t overdo this as more hairspray can damage your long tresses.

Best time to do: Whenever you want to step out somewhere and the hair is static, use this remedy and get rid of it.

Number of repetitions: You can do this once in a day or depending on how many times you actually need to deal with static hair. Make sure not to overdo it.

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