Is Lotion Good For Your Hair

is lotion good for your hair

Everybody knows what will happen when putting lotion on the skin. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin. But do you know what will happen if put lotion on the hair? An excellent way to keep the hair healthy is to eat good food and to use products that work very well with the hair. There are tons of several products available for you, so it may be very hard to pick something. If you have dry hair, lotion can assist you to moisturize the hair.

Lotion Good For Your Hair

Benefits Of Using Hair Lotion

Find out below what kind of benefits you can find for your hair fall problem by applying hair lotion.

  • Protects Your Hair From Dht Hormone: Using hair lotion helps you to reduce hair fall and grow thick hair. Also, it protects your hair from the effects of the hormone DHT such as hereditary hair loss, shrinking of hair follicles, thinning of hair, and inability to grow hair.
  • Saves Your Time And Money: Did you know that using hair lotion can make your hairstyle more efficient? You can use lotion instead of conditioner. Most people use hair lotion instead of conditioner all the time. There is nothing wrong with this, but hair lotion is mistaken for hair conditioner. The truth is, using hair lotion is cheaper than a hair conditioner. It saves you money and also saves you time by not having to shower all day long, giving you natural and beautiful hair like before.
  • Restores Moisture In Your Locks: When you mix jojoba oil with hair lotion and apply it to your strands, it gives your hair a nice shine. Scrubbing with a little amount of hair lotion into your tresses is the best way to include some texture.
  • Provides Hair Fall Protection: When you use the right hair lotion for your hair in the right way, you can find good solutions to the problem of hair falling in your hair. For a consistent application, you have to follow fixed timings, it is useful to maintain a consistent pattern. Don’t forget to apply lotion in the morning when you wake up and before you go to sleep at night.

Procedures To Apply Hair Lotion

When you apply the hair lotion, you have to follow the below procedure

  • Separate The Hair With A Comb: By separating the hair into two sections, it is very simple to use the lotion on the scalp. This prevents your hair from feeling greasy or sticky to some extent due to the lotion. By applying the hair lotion to your scalp, the hair lotion will do its job more targeted and better.
  • Decide The Correct Dosage: The dosage depends entirely on the area to be treated and the lotion type. 5 sprays or 0.5 ml is sufficient if you are applying to the crown. Then 10 sprays of lotion are necessary if the entire top of the scalp is to be used. After the scalp is partially wet, you should apply enough. Each lotion has a different dosage so read the manual carefully.
  • Apply The Hair Lotion: Apply the hair lotion to the affected area. If you have very advanced hair loss on the scalp, it means you should treat the entire surface of the scalp with lotion.
  • Spread The Lotion And Wait For Absorption: Spread the hair lotion to the thinning areas with your fingertips. It gets absorbed into the scalp within minutes.
  • Style Your Hair: After the lotion is absorbed, you can comb your hair using style products without seeing any of the lotions.
  • Wash Your Hair: Do not wash your hair for about 3 hours after you apply the hair lotion to allow the lotion to do its job.

Disadvantages Of Excessive Use Of Hair Lotion

If you use the right amount of hair lotion, your hair will not fall out. Similarly, it is better to choose your hair lotion according to your scalp type. Perhaps using a lotion that is not suitable for your hair can cause hair loss and expose the scalp. Also, it is better to avoid applying lotion on the scalp. Otherwise, it may cause hair fall, dandruff, or other irritation. Because hair lotions contain harsh chemicals for styling or cleaning hair, when you use them on your hair, your hair is like a rubber band, weakening and breaking. Therefore, it is better to avoid hair lotions that contain too many chemicals on your hair and scalp.


Applying lotion to the hair is said to be a great way to calm flyaways and frizz. But don’t use a lotion with conditioner, if doing so will give you headaches and itchiness. Using lotion alone on the hair is only a safe way if you rinse it after 5 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind, that too much lotion will damage your hair.

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