How To Detangle Matted Hair?

how to detangle matted hair

When the loose hairs twist around the attached strands, mats occur. This results in tangles which aren’t easy to get rid of as they appear like clumps and cant be removed by brush. The matted appearance of hair generally occurs when you do not comb your hair regularly for removing the shed strands. Read on to know how to get rid of matted hair.

Detangle Matted Hair

Process Of Treating Matted Hair

Some of the ways of treating matted hair are as follows:

1. Saturate with a Moisturizing Conditioner: The detangling process can be started when the hair is dry as this will help in avoiding any hair damage. Saturate the hair with sufficient moisturizing conditioner before running a comb or even your fingers through the matted hair.

2. Loosen The Hair Strands: This can be done with a wide-toothed comb to begin from the ends and then gradually move up to the roots. At this point, you will notice a lot of fo hair fall because of the matting. In case you experience pain while detangling near the roots, hold the hair firmly near the roots to avoid the sensation. Do it slowly until your fingers can freely move through the hair.

3. Rinsing: This is the last step in which you need to rinse your hair with cool water. Avoid using warm water to ensure that the strands remain smooth and unentangled. Any of the residual products can be removed in this step.

Tips For Preventing Matted Hair

You can avoid matted hair by following a hair care regimen and making changes in your hair care routine if needed. Some tips are listed below:

  • Stick to the regular combing of your hair, on an everyday basis, at least after washing it.
  • Take the help of a wide-toothed comb or a wet brush for untangling your hair. These tools make it easier for you to get rid of matted hair.
  • Always start checking your hair with fingers before using any tool. Slowly, begin from the bottom and move your way up.
  • Get some good detangling products such as conditioner, detangler or both. These products smoothen out the surface of hair strands, reducing friction and eliminating the chances of mating.
  • Conditioners also work by reducing frizz and bringing smoothness to the hair. Make sure to choose herbal nourishing products with least or no chemical ingredients.
  • Leave the conditioner or detangler on hair for some time to have maximum benefits and then use a wet brush since it is designed for wet hair for best results.
  • Do not forget to protect your hair while sleeping. You can use a pillow with a silk cover, a silk scarf or just a loose ponytail for preventing the hair from matting. This retains enough moisture and prevents the strands from twisting together.
  • Avoid bleaching or any kind of chemical treatments as these can damage and result in hair dryness. Such treatments weaken the hair shaft, because of which knots are easily formed and are prone to breakage.
  • Take care of your hair extensions, so that they don’t get entwined with your real hair. Avoid sleeping with them when the hair is wet. Visiting a professional for maintaining them every 6-8 weeks can be helpful for perfect maintenance.

Matted hair may feel like an unsolvable issue but it is not when you have the right tools and you know the correct way of getting rid of the knots. You just need to be patient and gentle with your hair, while following the process and tips mentioned above. If you are sceptical, don’t hesitate in taking advice from professionals for the best results.

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