How to Wash Hair without Getting Face Wet?

how to wash hair without getting face wet

There could be several reasons why you want to wash your hair without getting your face wet. It could be because something spilled on your hair after you got full face makeup or because you have got a facial piercing or facial tattoo.

How Do You Wash Your Hair Without Getting Your Face Wet?

Whatever the reason could be, washing the hair in a way that your face remains dry is a little tricky. However, here we have come up with some great ideas to help you know how to wash your hair without getting your face wet.

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1. Use a Plastic Visor

Using a plastic visor is one of the easiest hacks to clean your hair without ruining your makeup. It will help keep your face dry during the entire hair washing session.

  • Take your plastic visor and put it around the head and neck.
  • Now flip the hair over and push the visor upward. Adjust it so that it comes right in front of your hairline and your hair is directed backward.
  • As you start washing the hair, face away from the shower head.

Using this way may need to redo some touch-ups on the forehead if water has poured there.

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2. Use an Adjustable Shower Head

With an adjustable shower head, you get the control of water on your hands. Tilt your head back every time you need to rinse the hair to keep the face dry. Do not keep the water pressure high; you may splash water on your face. So keep the water flow to a minimum and your head backward while rinsing.

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3. Use a Shower Shield

Shower shields work more like a visor. It has an adjustable strap for a custom fit. It comes down the front of the face and ensures providing full protection to the face from water. Shower shields are designed to prevent water from dripping on your face. The best part about them is they are reusable, affordable, and highly effective.

4. Use Dry Shampoo

People with straight and wavy hair often use dry shampoo as their hair tends to get oily and dirty often. Generally, curly hair does not get oily soon as scallop oil takes time to reach down the curls. However, when it comes to washing without wetting the face, dry shampoo comes in handy. People with curly hair should avoid overapplying with dry shampoo.

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Dry Shampoo Application

  • Part hair into several sections
  • Keep the sections separate with the help of alligator clips
  • Keep the dry shampoo bottle 8 inches away from the head
  • Spray on the oily sections and roots with quick and short bursts.
  • Check if the product is working or reapply.

Hair will start feeling light and clean and will remain so until you remove your makeup after the party.

5. Use a Shower Cap on The Face

Until you are not afraid of choking, you can use a plastic shower cap on your face until you are washing the hair to prevent the face from getting wet. Take a shower cap and cut holes for the nose and mouth so that you can breathe. Now adjust it on the face and start washing the hair. Try to finish washing early as it can get hot and uncomfortable this way.

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6. Lean Towards The Side

Another way to wash hair is by leaning a bit forward and towards the side. However, it could be uncomfortable and may require assistance. Here are the steps to follow this method-

  • Collect all your hair washing supplies and put them on one side. Make sure they are within a reachable distance.
  • Now lean forwards and flip the hair upside down and sideways.
  • Now pour water on the hair, ensuring they flow sideways without dripping on the face.
  • Apply shampoo and rub gently. Applying too much shampoo and conditioner will increase the chances of water dripping on the face. So, take a small amount for this special hair wash session.

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7. Use a Waterfall Setting on The Showerhead

If your showerhead has a waterfall setting, washing the hair without getting your face wet will become easy. In this setting, the water will come out with minimal splashes and in a stream, lowering the chances of wetting the face to a great extent.

Each tip has its own set of pros and cons; however, you can combine one or two ways to get the best result. For instance, you can use a visor or shower shield along with the lean sideways method to protect the face from getting wet. In such a way, you maximize the protection and wash your hair without ruining your makeup.

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