Does The Sun Help Your Hair Grow?

does the sun help your hair grow

We all know that sunlight is crucial for our health. Getting it at the right time of the day can help in replenishing the vitamin D levels in our body naturally. Apart from this, sunlight affects our hair too. Let us see how in the next section.

Sun Help Your Hair Grow

Impact Of Sunlight On The Hair

When our hair is exposed to the sun, so is the scalp beneath it. Limited and controlled exposure to sunlight can be beneficial for the hair. Here are its advantages which lead to healthier hair growth with sunlight:

  • Vitamin D from the sun creates new hair follicles which promote hair growth.
  • Combats hair loss because of enough vitamin D in the body.
  • Sunlight slows the chances of acne on the scalp.
  • You can have shinier, golden and brighter hair, with regular exposure to sunlight during earlier parts of the day for 10-30 minutes

Now that we know that sunlight has positive effects on the hair, resulting in its growth, it is important to avoid over-exposure as the UV rays can damage the hair protein and lead to discoloration. So, plan your time for basking in the sun in the early morning to enjoy the benefits of gentle sunlight.

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