How To Take a Shower Without Getting Your Hair Wet

how to take a shower without getting your hair wet

There are times when taking a shower makes you want to avoid getting your hair wet. You may be late for a number of reasons, including a lazy day, the need to quickly get dressed for an occasion, or running behind schedule for a dinner date with your girlfriends or a guy. Whatever the reason, there are times when all you want is a quick shower without having to deal with the hassle of dampening your hair in a towel, going on for a blow dry, and then having to work on a style again.

Can you take a shower without having to wash your hair? is the ponderous query right now. Naturally, you can, and it is not particularly complicated. Why, though, do it? Do they become harmed by water? It’s a bit of a yes-and-no situation, you might say, a quandary in one way. Water is the most crucial ingredient to rinse off product build-up on the scalp as well as oils created by your scalp. However, as water builds up in the follicle from repeated washings, it can also lead to breakage of the root hair from the scalp. The quality of water is also influenced by the condition of your hair. Hard water, which contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, will leave a film on your hair, making it difficult for moisture to nourish your scalp. It may result in frizziness, breakage, tangles, a dry scalp, and thinning hair. Additionally, it will cause brassiness or the development of a green hue on your scalp.

Take a Shower Without Getting Your Hair Wet

Methods To Take Shower Without Getting Hair Wet

When it comes to avoiding getting your hair wet while taking a shower, everyone is familiar with the most common solution: a shower cap. Everyone has used a shower cap in the twenty-first century, perhaps even on a daily basis or occasionally. There are other ways to stay informed, though; you never know when you’ll need it, whether you have a missing shower cap or just want to know what’s going on. Let’s talk more specifically about the shower cap and other techniques now:

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1. Shower Cap: We all agree that a shower cap is the best item there is. We all have at least one shower cap in the bathroom. This item is regarded as essential during our emergencies, such as the need to dress quickly, late meetings, or the simple need to leave right away. The only thing you really need to watch out for is making sure your shower cap is in the right place and that no hair is sticking out. So let’s go over a few things with a shower cap:

  • Do A bun: If you have short hair, putting on a shower cap is easy and can be done in a matter of seconds. But if you have long hair, just quickly sweep it back and tie it up in a bun. Verify that all of the remaining strands are completely covered before you pin it down or use a scrunchie to hold it. When you’ve finished, arrange your hair so that the shower cap can adjust it so that it doesn’t fall down.
  • Check The Elasticity: How should you buy a shower cap? The best choice for you is if you have thick, slightly heavy hair choose one with long-lasting elasticity. Even though it might be a bit pricey, it is extremely valuable. The elasticity of the cheap one does not hold up very well and can come off the long, heavy, and thick hair. So, check for elasticity before you buy.

So, when you are planning to invest in a shower cap, go for the slightly nicer ones as they give you the benefit of putting in your money.

2. Use a towel: Another way to ensure that you do not end up wetting your hair during showers is a towel. Picture this scenario: you are at your man’s place and you hop in for a quick shower but it strikes you that there is no shower cap. What do you do? Well, there is no reason to panic, go for the towel. Now, a regular towel is not an option I’m telling you to choose, but opt for a microfiber towel. These towels are interlocked and do not allow water to seep in leaving your hair dry. Also, it is great when you have had a blowout and need a quick shower, just layer your hair in the microfiber or turban towel and take the shower.

3. Plastic Bag: Sort of a DIY option, but you can opt for a garbage plastic bag in case you do not have a shower cap and it is a really big emergency. All you need to do is, place your hair in a plastic bag and tie a knot with the handles of the bag at the back of your hair. Viola, your hair is dry and safe from water. Remember, this method works best only for short-to-medium-length hair.

4. Get A shower stick: There is always an option of getting shower sticks. These are long pipes that shower water straight at your body leaving the head area dry. The stick will fit any standard bathroom and has a hook and a spout to distribute water to your body without touching your head.

5. Use A Handheld Shower: Another quick fix without much mambo jumbo is to use a handheld shower. These are great fixtures and you can direct the hose to the parts of the body you want to wash keeping the water away from your hair.

6. Take A Bucket Bath: A bucket bath is another quick solution to the case. Just wrap your hair in a quick fix bun and then power the water from the bucket only on your body avoiding the head hair.


You can choose from these hassle-free alternatives to keep your hair out of the shower if you are in a rush and need to get somewhere right away or are just feeling lazy. However, do not keep up your dry-cleaning routine for too long as it may harm your hair’s quality and growth.

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