How To Wrap Your Hair With A Towel?

How to wrap your hair with a towel

Cleaning your hair is a must, but drying your soaked strands is equally crucial. After a shower, towel drying your hair feels so rewarding. However, you can severely damage your hair and cause frayed or broken strands if you’re not careful. Towel drying your hair correctly is imperative once you have given your hair proper care in the shower.

In this blog, we’ve listed some easy ways to towel dry your hair. Read the blog to find out how to effortlessly towel your hair to offer a beautiful look. Before we move on to the steps, let’s get to know some things in depth.

Why Towel Drying?

Towel-drying your hair is something that helps to cut the time that is consumed by the air-dry to your hair. Because using a towel on the hair absorbs the water and soaks up the moisture from the hair.

Is Towel Drying Well For Your Hair?

Wrapping your hair with a towel has both right and wrong ways. When your hair is wet, rubbing it vigorously with a towel can lead to long-term hair damage. Also, it triggers hair to fall out and frizziness.

However, if you towel it gently, it will be good for your hair. Here are the ways to towel your hair.

How To Wrap Your Hair With A Towel?

Everybody has ways to dry their hair quickly without any trouble. However, some prefer drying their hair with towels rather than using a dryer. Some people use a towel to absorb the water from the wet hair and blow the dryer to the hair. This reduces the drying duration and lessens the damage caused by the hair dryer.

However, many people are not sure how to properly wrap their hair with a towel. That’s why we are here to help you out.

1. Choose The Right Towel

All hair types are not the same. Some may have lengthy hair, while others have short hair. Hence, choosing the right towel for your hair type and length is essential. Here are some tips for selecting the best hair towel to wrap your head.

Choose the best hair towel that is enough to wrap all your hair to make a towel turban because short towels can get loose and fall off your head.
Even if you have short hair, it is always best to go with a long towel to wrap your hair.
It is always good to use a microfiber towel to cover your hair. Because Microfiber towels are softer, and hence they won’t lead to any hair damage.
Another type of towel you can use is picking 100% cotton cloth. Cotton towels constantly absorb the dampness on your hair and help in faster drying progress. Also, the towel’s softness gives a gentle touch to your hair. Hence, they don’t cause any harm to the hair.

2. Blot The Hair To Remove Water From The Hair

Once you’ve chosen the perfect towel, the next step to move forward is to blot the hair. After every shower, hair will drip wet. This is why you should blot your hair to remove the excess water. How?

Press your hair between the towel folds to squeeze your hair. Ensure that your hair is not dripping. Try it once or twice until you get rid of excess water from your hair. Now proceed with the next step.

3. Comb Your Hair With Your Hands

Comb your hair to detangle it. If you have long hair, you shouldn’t skip this step. Showering the hair will always lead to knots and tangles. If you wrap it with a towel without untangling it, it may be challenging to remove the knots when you dry your hair towel. This may result in hair fall. Hence, comb it with your hands if you don’t want to harm your hair.

4. Flip Your Hair

Now bend down and flip your hair forward. That is, bring all your hair to the front of your face. If you wish, you can comb your hair after flipping your hair.

5. Wrap The Hair With A Towel

After flipping your hair on the front, the next step you need to go with is: to wrap your hair with a towel. How?

Hold each side of your towel and bring it towards the front of your head or in the middle of your hairline.
Wrap it tightly. If you wrap it loosely, it can fall off your head.
Once you bring the towel ends in the middle of your head, twist the hair with a towel.
Ensure you are twisting the towel that holds your hair in one place. Furthermore, the twists should not be too tight or too loose. Either of these can lead to challenging situations. Once it is twisted, fold it like a bun on the center of your head. That’s it.

6. Wait Till It Dries Out

Depending on your hair length, Keep the towel wrapped around your hair. Approximately for around 30 to 60 minutes. Now, you can unwrap the towel from your head. It won’t dry out thoroughly. But it may remove the wetness from your hair. Now, let your hair air and dry out for some time. Now your hair will dry completely.

Always follow these steps to keep your hair out of damage by wrapping it with a towel!

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