How to Maintain Healthy Hair: 16 Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

how to maintain healthy hair

Ladies it is really important for you to keep a very good care of your hair always! Though you are home or on a rough road trip you must always keep your hair under some kind of protection. As hair makes your personality and hair are the one which makes you look beautiful. Below there are 15 basic hair care tips and tricks for maintaining healthy hair always.

Effective Tips For Healthy Hair

Long beautiful hair will always provide you confidence. If you are experiencing severe hair fall or baldness then it is high time to do something really quick.

1. Don’t Brush Hair While Wet

Yes it is true that while brushing in wet hair increases hair fall. As due to wet scalp or you can say due to massaged scalp after washing your hair the roots of your hair becomes soft or you can say easily breakable so it is never recommended. You can even see in the salons the stylist will always comb after drying it by the dryer. Moreover if you still comb in wet hair then it will increase the amount of split ends and that is not needed.

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2. Do Not Use Heat Products

If you are a person who needs a dryer or curls every day then you must know that it will ultimately end at destroying your hair completely. Let your hair dry on it own. Let that natural wave come that looks awesome too. If your hair is extremely unmanageable it is better that you use hair strengthening serum instead settling them from pressing iron.

3. Try Good Treatments

There are various treatment in salons that helps to volumize with fine hair with nutrients, such as ceramides, that reconstruct the hair fiber. You can opt any reasonable package. Make sure you take all the settings.

4. Trim It Not Cut It

Hair cut is important for sure but do not let it get excessive. Try to get comfortable with regular trimmings. Trimming keeps your hair healthy and let it grow more and more. If you want a fresh hair cut save it for a good occasion or after every 3-4 moths at least. Try not to cut more than 2-1/2 to 3 inches.

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5. Use Volumizing Products

Well, if you always make a good choice without compromising for your hair then you are surely at a benefit stage. You must always opt for such products that fulfill your deficiency. There are various shampoo, conditioners, serums are available that can surely fulfill your need.

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6. Let Your Hair Be Dirty An Extra Day

You must know the reason of not washing your hair so frequently. Your hair produces natural oils that are very nutritious for your roots and hair as well. Though oily hair is not in fashion but still you must adjust a bit. If you wash everyday try to get a gap of one day and if you do every 2nd day make a gap of 3 days. So keep on creasing the gap till 4 days.

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7. Use Branded Collection Of Products

In market there are numerous brands that produce hair caring products. It is recommended that you chose one brand that suits you the best. Try to choose which is mild to your roots. Now buy all the products of the same brand (like shampoo, conditioner, oil etc).

8. Do Not Grip Them In Tight Bands

Try keeping your hair in loosely packed grips. At night when you sleep do not keep your hair open do tie them into cool loose braids or loose buns. This will reduce breakage and provide you cool curls in the morning.

9. Inject Protein Into Your Strands

Protein is really important for your hair to be healthy. You must choose such products those are infused with enough protein. As it improves the hair’s elasticity and strength them. When you apply conditioner try apply it to your ends more. As this will reduce frizz and tangles hair!

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10. Do Not Go For Artificial Hair

Do not opt for hair extensions. If you want your own hair to be long and beautiful then do some effort. Extensions will not do the magic that you can get from natural hair.

11. Do Not Use Elastic Bands Or Rubber Bands

Yes high ponytails are in fashion. But it is good that you make them in occasions only. As tight elastic bands will result in more breakage of your hair.

12. Try to Use Soft Elastic Bands Instead

As by pulling your hair towards back of your head tightly tends to break your fragile hair that are on your forehead. But if you still use a rubber band then when you want to remove it try to cut it instead to drag it from full length.

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13. Soft Cute Buns Are In

Try to make out soft cure and stress free buns of your hair. Try to avoid you hair getting stretched under tight buns and braids. As messy look is very much in fashion so go for it.

14. Regular Oiling And Combing

It is very important for your scalp and hair health to get some extra nourishment from outside. You must apply good quality oil to your scalp at least twice a week. You can even apply oil before every wash as this will avoid direct attack of chemicals to your scalp. Also comb at least once a day to remove the tangles hair out it will also keep your hair neat.

15. Keep a Check On The Daily Care

Always keep in mind to take care of hair everyday. Do not skip a single day of skipping the products to use. For example if you use hair serum after every wash then make it a point to use it after every wash do not let it skip.

16. Eat Healthy

You need to intake good and healthy products to get natural shine and strength in your hair. The main ingredients needed are Biotin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Folic Acid these really boost your hair’s ability to grow and stay strong. Therefore eat such food those are excellent in these.

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