Should I Wet My Hair Everyday?

should i wet my hair everyday

People who love swimming or the look of fresh wet hair often question, should I wet my hair every day. Hair styling, swimming, and showering are some of the practices that may make the hair wet. If you also wonder if it will damage the hair, we have the right information for you.
Keep reading to find all your queries answered.

Should I Wet My Hair Everyday

Does Wetting Hair Daily Damage Them?

If you are wetting your hair with fresh water every day, it won’t cause any problem. Many people like to spritz their hair back in shape after waking up. Until you are doing it with fresh water, it’s fine. However, the issue may arise due to the following reasons-

  • If you are swimming in the ocean or brackish water
  • The pool is highly chlorinated
  • Using harsh shampoos and hair care products while washing hair

Why Ocean Or Brackish Water Is Bad For The Hair?

Ocean water contains salt that extracts moisture from the hair, dehydrating them. The most common problem is getting split ends due to swimming in ocean water. But, if you love doing it, we will not stop you. Instead, you are advised to start using certain products to safeguard your hair.

Pre-treat your hair- Use a water-resistant treatment that coats the hair strands and keeps the damage from salt water, UV rays, chlorine, and sun rays minimum.

Wear a swim cap- Tie your hair and wear a swim cap. Make sure your swimming strokes are such that they prevent hair from coming out of the cap. Immediately after coming out of the water, rinse hair in fresh water to get rid of the salt that may get deposited on the surface.

Is Daily Pool Swimming Bad For Your Hair?

Swimming pools are treated with chlorine. Swimming daily in chlorine water without using any hair protectant will damage the hair greatly. Therefore, regular swimmers should use keep the following tips in handy-

Wet your hair- If you wet your hair with fresh water before entering the pool, you prevent hair from absorbing additional water. It helps to keep hair protected from chlorinated water to some extent.

Wear a swim cap- Use it in the same manner as explained in ocean water. Wearing a swim cap over wet hair will tighten the seal and ensure hair protection from chlorine. Apply leave-in conditioner- Application of leave-in conditioner will keep the pool water off your hair.

Apply oil on hair- Oil acts as a barrier to the chlorinated water, protecting it from damage. Use natural hair oils like coconut oil or almond oil that protect the hair inside the pool and deep condition them.

How Does Harsh Shampoo Damage Hair?

Avoid using harsh shampoos completely if you are washing your hair daily to make them wet before heading out of the home. The formulation of harsh shampoos consists of chemicals that dry and damage the hair strands when used daily, leading to breakage and split ends.

Hair stylists suggest using gentle and mild shampoo twice or thrice a week. You can also use clarifying shampoo once or twice weekly that removes the build-up from the hair and co-wash in between.

Can I Rinse Hair Between Washes?

If Shampooing Daily Needs To Be Avoided, How Will You Clean The Hair Daily?

The hair does not get so dirty that you must wash it every day until you do not work in factories or fields. However, if you sweat excessively or work at a place where hair are exposed to dirt and grime, rinsing hair with warm water while gently massaging the scalp will help you make the hair feeling fresh and clean. It will also remove the build-up dirt and make hair healthy.

What Are The Alternatives To Shampooing?

If you think a shampoo is the only way to get clean hair and scalp, read out the best alternatives.

Dry shampoo- It is a powdery fragrant spray that absorbs the oil. Dry shampoo comes in handy when you have fine and oily hair. Even though it will not remove the dirt, your hair will feel light and fresh.

Conditioner washing- Also called co-washing, conditioner helps people with normal and dry hair to make hair look clean. It is good for people who do not use heavy styling products.

Now that you know how wetting your hair daily can extract the natural oils and damage them, try to avoid it. To get a fresh feel, dry shampoo is the best alternative. So, take care of your hair to maintain its health and shine.

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