Can You Tone Wet Hair?

can you tone wet hair

People usually bleach their hair to get a lighter shade, but sometimes a brassy yellow or orange tone is produced rather than an ashy blonde color. At this point, hair toner helps neutralize the warm colors and balances the tones to achieve a more natural look.

Can You Tone Wet Hair

Can We Apply Toner On Wet Hair?

Toner can be applied on slightly damp hair which has been towel dried. Make sure to dry it to 70% for better results but never use toner on completely wet. This is because 30% damp hair is porous enough to evenly distribute the toner and produce effective results.

The impact of toner will last for 2-6 weeks but the type of your hair and its condition is a significant determining factor. For virgin hair, the toners can stay for a longer period compared to bleached or colored hair.

How To Ensure That Toning Effects Last Longer?

Here are some points to remember if you want the toning to last long:

1. Hair Wash Frequency:

Do not wash your hair often as it will reduce the toning effect. Hair Wash once a week is ideal.

2. Avoid Using Shampoo After Using Toner:

  • This is because shampoos will eliminate the effects of toner.
  • So, you need to wait for 48-72 hours before using a shampoo after toning.
  • This has to be a professional purple shampoo.
  • Just use cold water to rinse when you want a hair wash, till this time.
  • Hot water rinsing has to be avoided as it washes away the toner pigments.

3. Stay Away From Direct Sunlight:

Cover your head with a hat or scarf while stepping out in the hot sun, after toning the hair. Also, limit the time spent in swimming pools and long hours under the sunlight.

4. Frequency of Hair Styling Tools:

Toner’s effect reduces when hair styling tools are used frequently. So avoid these as much as possible. Use Argan, almond, coconut or grapeseed oil to keep the hair nourished.

Hair toners help in managing discoloration and damage and when applied on 70% dry hair, it results in maximum efficiency. Follow the tips mentioned above for the best results. You may also check the instructions from the manufacturer when you are using the toner for the first time.

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