What Would Happen if I Stopped Combing My Hair?

side effects of not combing hair

Even though combing has always been a topic of debate, where people bring their theories and explanations of each side, there are definitely a lot of things that happen when you stop brushing your hair.

People with curly and wavy hair often avoid frequent brushing to maintain their curls and ringlets. However, if you are the one which straight hair and decide to give a break to your coming habit, you need to get prepared for the side effects.

Gone are the days when people believe that giving 100 strokes to the hair with a brush increases blood circulation around the scalp and makes hair healthy. If you still do so, you may end up destroying the curls and making them prone to breakage. While too much and frequent brushing can create breakage or hair thinning, going cold turkey on it can make things even worse.

Side Effects of Not Combing Hair

Check out the side effects of not combing hair.

1. Tangled and Rough Hair

If your hair often get tangled and form knots, be ready to get more of them when you stop brushing. Over time, you will start noticing more tangles that are not easy to manage. In this stage, do not use a hairbrush directly over the knots; instead, try to detangle the knots gently with fingers to prevent them from breaking.

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2. Expect Kinks to Stay on Your Hair

If you are a curly or wavy girl, you may not notice kinks on your hair; however, people with straight hair will get a lot of kinks that come from sleeping on ponytail holders. While combing is used to remove these kinks with each stroke, not combing will keep on accumulating the kinks on hair.

3. Be Ready for oil Buildup

The scalp produces natural oil around the hair roots. Combing helps in distributing this scalp oil evenly to the hair strands, preventing dry ends. If you do not comb, this oil keeps on building up on the scalp, making it greasy faster.

4. Get Ready to Be More Hands-On

Since you have stopped yourself from using the comb, your hands will reach out to your hair to detangle them and work in different ways. Whether you are distributing the products, styling, smoothing, or working through tangles, hands will come to the rescue.

5. Hair All Around The Place

It is normal to shed 50 to 100 strands a day. When you comb, the hair comes out to the brush. However, when you do not brush, the hair will keep falling, and you may end up seeing a lot of hair on your floor. Similarly, when you go for a shower, a lot of hair may come out, clogging your shower drainage. So be prepared for that.

6. Hair Will Look Voluminous

Combing hair tame them to lie down. On the contrary, when you stop combing, the hair feels more voluminous. But this puffiness in hair is completely fake as it will make hair look dirty over time. Additionally, the oil buildup on the scalp will give a greasy look to the head.

7. You Will Start Using More Hair Care Products

When you stop combing, different hair issues like tangles, knots, kinks, oily scalp, and many more will start coming up. In order to improve the hair condition, you will start using different products like hair sprays and products for poofy and frizzy hair days.

Why Is Combing Hair Important?

Using a hair brush is one of the beauty routines for most women. Brushes and combs are essential not only to detangle the hair but to style them too. However, when you want to ditch your combs and brushes, it becomes difficult to think about the outcomes.

According to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), there are side effects of both- too frequent brushing and not brushing at all. Some weird things happen when you do not brush your hair and likewise when you stop combing.

While aggressively combing put physical stress on hair strands, causing the cuticle to flake and strip off, not brushing at all will also not help hair. There are pros and cons to both; therefore, adopting a no-brush lifestyle is not very helpful.

We have thoroughly discussed the side effects of not combing hair. If you want to give a break to your hair from the brush for a day or two, it’s fine, but adopting this lifestyle will only make hair worse. So, make the right decision and take care of your hair.

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