How To Fix Bleached Hair That Turned Yellow

How to fix bleached hair that turned yellow

Tired bleach your hair to go blonde but trapped with yellow hair instead? Chill out; it is not the rim of your world. I know you might be frustrated. It’s not an uncommon scenario. Many people experience this situation after bleaching their hair. There are many reasons why bleaching hair leads to yellowing. We can, however, fix it!

This blog post has some solutions and tips for fixing bleached hair that turned yellow. Before we go any further, let’s find out why your hair turned yellow after bleaching. It may help you avoid yellowing your hair.

Why Does Bleached Hair Turn Yellow?

There are many reasons why hair turns yellow after bleaching. Here are a few reasons for your knowledge.

1. Early Rinsing

When you apply bleach to your hair, you may witness color change in your hair. It is how bleach works on hair. However, some people get alarmed when they see the color change in their hair. You shouldn’t. Because bleaching your hair works through multiple stages. During the bleaching process, it will go from dark to red, red to orange, orange to yellow, and light blonde.

However, some people rinse it early before it gets a complete color change. This may end up in yellow hair. So, when your hair turns orange or yellow, wait until it gets perfect blonde hair.

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2. Use of Wrong Products

To bleach dark hair, you need to use a high volume of peroxide. It depends on the color of your hair. If you already have blonde hair, use 10 to 20 volume peroxide to other shades of blonde, like ash. Hence, always choose the right product based on your hair type and color.

3. Color Fade

Bleaching your hair may cause you to lose its pigments. As a result, it reveals the underlying colors like yellow or brassy tone to your hair. Sometimes it may reveal the real color of your hair.

Even the permanent hair dye may fade at some point. To avoid it, take complete care of your hair in a routine and make your hair color last longer.

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4. Use of Tap Water

This may surprise you. Tap water can also lead your bleached hair to turn yellow. Guess how?

Usually, hair gets highly porous after bleaching it. Hence, when you wash your hair, it absorbs more water than usual. So, if you rinse your hair frequently, exposure to mineral deposits can damage your bleached hair and result in a yellow tone.

The facts mentioned above are only a few causes that lead your bleached hair to yellow. We got what’s the reason why we get yellow hair after bleaching. Now, shall we move into the tips and solutions to avoid turning yellow hues in your hair?

How To Fix Bleached Hair That Turned Yellow?

If you got your hair yellow after bleaching, don’t get tense. There are many ways to get the yellow shade out of your hair. Here are some solutions for you to fix it.

1. Go lighter & bleach your hair again

As we said earlier, using improper products may be one of the reasons behind yellow hair. There is a solution to it.

Try repeating the bleaching progress on your hair. But this time, try applying the right product. Don’t rinse it before the recommended time. Follow the instructions on the label and achieve your desired result. Furthermore, wait for around 3 weeks to prevent hair damage before applying your next round of bleaching.

2. Dye your Hair

If you don’t want to go for a bleaching process again, why don’t you dye it instead? One of the best ways to eliminate the yellow shade on your hair is by dying it. You can go back to your real hair color or any other shades just by dying.

3. Use Good Hair Care Products

Throw out your regular hair care products and start to use good color-correcting hair care products. It is always safer to go with the best product. Color-correcting shampoos and conditioners are the best alternatives to remove the yellow tone from your bleached hair.

Note: We recommend you use purple shampoo or conditioner to turn your hair bright purple.

4. Vinegar Rinse

If you are looking for a natural fix, go with vinegar. One of the familiar DIY for yellow hair is diluted apple cider vinegar. Mind you, be careful when using vinegar on your hair because it has acid. Using it once a week is a good idea. Remove the yellow shade from your hair without worrying about hair damage with the help of vinegar.

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5. Purple Toner

One of the perfect toners for yellow-bleached hair is “Purple Toner ”. However, toner is not just an easy product to use. Make sure you apply the toner in the right way to your hair.

Final words

If you find your hair turns yellow instead of blonde, there is always a way to fix it. So, don’t hesitate when you find a yellow shade on your hair after bleaching. Try any of these solutions and fix your hair instantly.

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