How To Mix Bleach For Hair?

how to mix bleach for hair

Bleaching the hair helps to lighten them by reducing the natural pigments. The ingredients used for bleaching open up the cuticle, which is the hair strand’s protective layer. The melanin is dissolved in the process by reaching deep down the skin. The duration of the bleaching process is directly related to the degree of lighter shade it becomes after the process. Read on to know more.

Process Of Bleaching Hair

For bleaching your hair, you need a part of the bleach with 2 parts of the developer to get a runny mix that can be easily applied and cover all parts, avoiding chances of patchy outcomes. In case you are doing a balayage, a thicker mixture would be needed so that you can just focus on the small areas of hair. A part of bleach and a part of developer work in this case.

For mixing the bleach and the developer, use a bowl and a brush to create a smoother consistency. The application process is similar to that of hair color and for best results, you need to apply it on dry and unwashed hair. This is because of the natural oils in the unwashed hair that acts as a protecting barrier during the bleaching process. But make sure to brush the hair thoroughly to easily section the hair for easy application. Always begin with areas where the hair is thick and dark.

Hair Bleaching Duration

While bleaching the hair, the most important factor to remember is your target color rather than the duration for which the bleach should be left on the hair. Once the hair is sufficiently lifted, you can rinse the hair. Watch for it every 10 minutes. In case there are parts which have dried out and haven’t lifted to a lighter shade, create some fresh bleaching mix and apply.

Apply Hair Bleach To The Roots And Full Head Bleach

Virgin hair regrowth is near the roots and the scalp’s heat makes it lift quickly on the application of the hair bleach. 20 vol of the developer is needed for this. Nothing stronger should be used unless there is a need of removing some color. In case the ends are already light with just darker regrowth, then the bleach has to be applied to the regrowth area only.

A full head bleach is needed when you completely have dark or brassy hair. For this, the hair needs to be sectioned into 4 large parts using sectioning clips. Then use a tail comb to create a small half-inch section after unclipping the section. The bleach should be initially applied on the back of the head with the thickest and darkest hair, and then gradually move towards the front sections. This has to be done quickly to give the complete head, almost the same processing time. Unless your hair is too short, keep the root area to the last, so less processing time is needed. For full head bleach, the hair has to be smothered with the hair bleach and rinsed after 30-35 minutes.

Once you have bleached the hair, make sure to use natural hair care products to keep the hair nourished. Bleaching strips off the natural oil from hair so it is crucial to oil the hair and avoid using too many styling tools, so it remains strong and healthy.

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