What Happens When You Drink Bleach?

what happens when you drink bleach

Bleach is known as an excellent potent agent utilized in cleaning. Though majority of people are smart enough to focus on the warning labels and stay away from drinking it, occasionally people still speculate what would happen if they drink bleach.

What Happens When You Drink Bleach?

Sodium hypochlorite functions to eliminate stains and sanitizes as it is basically an oxidizing agent. Whenever you ingest bleach or inhale the vapours, it actually oxidizes your tissues. It is known that mild exposure from inhalation may outcome in stinging eyes, coughing, and a burning throat.

Side Effects of Drinking Bleach:

1. Sore Throat: An individual who has swallowed bleach would feel burning sensation inside the throat. It is known that the throat pain worsens as time passes.

2. Nausea: The nauseous feeling can also be felt, after unknowingly drinking bleach. It is a symptom that happens just before vomiting.

3. Trouble Breathing: Its consumption can even obstruct with the person’s capability to breathe normally. It can make breathing difficult and this is basically a serious issue and needs instant medical treatment.

4. Low Blood Pressure: Drinking it unknowingly can lay negative impact on typical blood pressure. The great drop in blood pressure might be felt after swallowing bleach.

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5. Diarrhoea: Drinking bleach can lead to diarrhoea, which means the person deposits watery stools and is usually perceived by repeated visits to the toilet.

6. Slurred Speech: Drinking bleach can also lay severe impact on the tongue. The incapability to talk clearly is additional side effect of bleach poisoning.

How Much Bleach Is Okay to Drink?

As per the U.S. EPA, consuming water must not include more than 4 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine. It is found that the suggested dilution varies (from the Centers for Disease Control) are 8 drops bleach per gallon of clean water and ranging up to 16 drops per gallon of gloomy water.

What Should You Do if Someone Drinks Bleach Accidentally?

If you drink bleach accidentally, have somebody drive you to the nearest emergency room. Also, attempt to provoke vomiting if it is possible. Swallowing minor amounts of hot salt saturated water may assist to provoke vomiting.

Whenever you drink bleach, long-term damage and fatalities are rare; however, it is crucial to act rapidly. The best thing is not to drink bleach again.

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