How To Bleach Dreads

How To Bleach Dreads Tips And Tricks,

If you feel bored with your dread hairstyle and want to render them a makeover? Then bleaching is the best choice than decorating with beads, headbands, and scarves. Bleaching the dreadlocks is quite difficult, for this you may go for professional bleaching treatments to get bleached perfectly. Of course, you should take extra care and maintain it properly after it has been done. If you want to learn to bleach dreads in the right way, then look at the detailed guidelines which are mentioned below to help you out.

How To Bleach Dreads

Things To Consider For Dread Before Going For Bleaching

The trendy dread hairstyle gives you an amazing look when bleaching, but needs to maintain it very well to continue its amazing look. A few points to remember while doing bleaching for dread are as follows

1. Think Before You Bleach: Before bleaching the dreadlocks, there are certain things that you should want to consider first. It is not a good idea to grab bleach and developer, then slap it on the dreads. Make sure your dread is prepared for this process.

2. Look At The Locs: Are your locs very young? Can they withstand the dying process? You just make sure your locs got mature or not, if still young you can wait until it gets firmer.

3. Should Moisturize The Dread: You have to add some moisturizing products to the dreads for some hours before doing bleaching. You can use moisturizing spray or cream moisturizer and it may include any natural oil. Bleaching usually dries out your hair, so it is a must, to have stronger and healthier hair before doing bleaching.

4. Go For A Patch Test: Prior to starting the bleaching process on the hair, you just have to do a patch test. It involves mixing a pinch of bleach and developer, then applying this mixture to the skin. Let it for half an hour and wash it off. After this, you have to monitor your skin for 24 hours. If you feel safe, then proceed with this process furthermore on bleaching.

Do You Want To Know How To Do The Bleaching Process For Dread At Home?

Bleaching for a dread hairstyle cannot be done very soon. It may take some time to do it right to make sure the complete coverage of every dread. Some of the steps are given below

1. Take Correct Proportion: The first step for bleaching the hair is to mix the ingredients which include bleach powder and developer. Put on the gloves before beginning this process and then mix one packet of bleaching powder with 2 parts of developer per batch. This ratio can bestow you with the proper bleach consistency.

2. Watch And Mix The Content: You may require more bleach than this mixture in order to cover the entire dread length, but don’t want to mix extra at now. It is fine to make more when you need it rather than having a leftover mixture.

3. Separate As Sections: If you have long hair, you need to separate your dread into sections, which makes bleaching the hair very easier. Also, you can use a clip or hair to tie around each section. Use barrier cream to prevent skin around the hairline.

4. It’s Time To Bleach: After doing the above process you can start the bleaching work on your dread. Coat the entire area of dread with bleaching using the finger or application brush. Make sure that you are covering it entirely in a thick layer.

5. Cover The Hair: It is a must to cover your hair with a shower cap and this traps heat as well as moisture for fast bleaching

6. Wait For Some Time: Leave the cap for up to 30 minutes to ensure the bleach has perfectly done its job without leaving hair to go damaged. Once the bleach has been done, take the shower cap.

7. Rinse Your Hair: Now, it is time to rinse the bleach from your hair. Take some minutes to wash it properly.

8. Use Shampoo: You should not have to use any special shampoo, the usual brand is more than enough to cleanly wash your bleach from your dread

9. Add Conditioner: Apply a deep container to the locs to replenish the hair moisture lost at the time of bleaching as well as the washing process. Then have to use conditioner for your hair and let it for 5 minutes

10. Don’t Use A Hairdryer: Allow the dread to dry fully and should not use a hairdryer to dry it because this thing will cause unnecessary hair damage to the already parched hair


If you love to try out a fun and fresh color, bleaching your dread is a great way to go. It is very significant not to underestimate the intricacy of the bleaching process. Follow the steps and tips to avail the best bleaching for your dread

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