How To Crochet Dreads

Crochet Dreads

If you are curious about how to crochet dreads, then stick on to this article. When it comes to crocheting your dreads, the crochet hook plays an important role in styling and maintaining your dreads. It’s an easy technique and helps to ensure that your dreadlocks are smooth and attractive.

Crochet Dreads

Beginning Dreadlocks With A Crochet Hook

  • Choose 1.5 Mmcrochet Hook: This is the smaller crochet hook available and it is the best option for crocheting your hair. If you can’t find this smallest size, then go for the next available size 1.75 mm(US size 00) or 2.00 mm(US size 0). Don’t use any size that is bigger than this.
  • Section Your Hair Into 4 Or More: Part divides your hair down the center of your head going from front to back using a comb. Use sectioning clips to hold the hair partitions. The number of partitioning of your hair depends on the thickness and texture of your hair. If you have fine hair, then 4 sections will be good enough. If your hair is coarse or thick, then you may have to divide it into 8 parts.
  • Take One Section Of Hair From The Back Of Your Head: Unclip one of the partitions of your hair close to the backside of your head. Brush or comb it through if it is tangled. Now, using a comb take out a 1 in (2.5cm) section of hair from this partition and clip the rest of your hair back up.
  • Back Comb The Section Of Your Hair: Hold the section near the ends and comb backward from the ends to the roots. Then, lift the comb out of your hair and move it about ½ inches up the hair shat and backcomb again. Repeat this process of backcombing until you cover your entire scalp.

Generating And Sculpting Dreadlocks

  • Insert The Crochet Hook:Now insert the crochet hook through the section of your hair about ¼ inches from where the section meets the scalp. Get a few strands of your hair on the hook across the other side of the section.
  • Draw Individual Hairs Within: Afterwards, carefully pull the hook with your hairs on it back through the section of hair. Make sure that the hairs don’t slip off as you will have to repeat the process again to get a few hairs back on the hook.
  • Repeat This While Descending A Section Of Hair Towards The End: After that, you have pulled down the first few hair strands through your section, do repeat the process. Insert the hook into the dread about ¼ inches down from where you started, hook a few hairs and pull them through the section again. Keep doing it until you reach the bottom of the section.
  • Push The Crochet Hook In And Out To Tighten It: After you complete locking the dread, go back over it with the crochet hook to tighten it up. Thrust the crochet hook into the dread about halfway and pull it back quickly a few times while keeping the hook inside of the dread. Go all the way down the dread to tighten and carve it.
  • Crochet The Finished Locks: After you have secured the locks, some of them might be looser at the roots. You can tighten them by pulling an entire dreadlock through its own root.

Blunting The Extremities Of Dreadlocks

  • Position The Crochet Hook: Take a dreadlock and position the crochet hook parallel to it and fold over ½ inches of dreadlock end to speed up the process.
  • Pushing The Hook: Push the hook into your dreadlock going down towards the end of the dreadlock and bring it out at the end to grasp a few hairs with the hook.
  • Pull The Hook With Hairs Back Into The Dreadlock: Pull back the hook with hair into the dreadlock to bring a few stray hairs into it.
  • Redo The Process Until The Ends Are Blunted: Proceed to quickly push the hook in and out of dreadlocks and pull hairs back up into the dreadlock.
  • Blunt The Ends To Maintain A Neat Look: Blunting the ends of your dreadlocks may help them to last longer and look neater.

Some Tips To Consider While Crocheting Dreadlocks

  1. Always wash your hair with a residue shampoo and blow dry it prior to crocheting
  2. If you ever crocheted dreads before, then practice it on an extension first.
  3. Apply a dreadlock finishing product to the ends of your hair to help make the blunted ends last longer.
  4. Don’t wash the newly crocheted dreads for a minimum of 2 weeks


Crocheting a dreadlock is an evergreen skill. Use the above steps to crochet your dreadlocks and make them look tighter, neat and, professional.

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