How To Keep Purple Hair from Fading

how to keep purple hair from fading

It can be entertaining to experiment every now and then with your wardrobe, attire, makeup, and hairstyle. Everyone wants to change with the season, so for some people, that means experimenting with their hairstyle. There are numerous options, hues, and ranges to choose from when choosing a hair dye. From almond to mauve to platinum to any other colour of your choosing, you can transition your hairstyle.

Why Not Try Purple As An Option If You Want To Feel Adventurous?

However, one biggest drawback of the colour is that it is prone to fading and requires a lot of maintenance. The purple pigment requires bleach and peroxide to enter the hair cuticle if you are looking for a permanent colour dye. Since the colour is hard to penetrate on the cuticle, so when using bleach, the hair is stripped of its natural colour causing dryness and breakage of the scalp. Still, the journey does not end there, vibrant colour such as purple require a visit to the salon as much as possible to maintain the lustrous volume and shine which can be expensive. Also, the use of permanent hair dye is something you should think about when it comes to purple.

Even if you choose semi-permanent dye, maintenance costs are much higher than with permanent dye. After the initial application of the colour, it is advised that you touch up every two weeks. The length of the semi-permanent dye also depends on how porous your hair is; if it is porous, it will last longer. So, let us understand what makes the hair fade and how we can take measures to prevent it from fading.

Methods To Keep Your Purple Hair From Fading

Let’s first understand what causes the purple hair to fade before moving on to solutions. Before discussing the methods of looking for prevention and measures to protect it from fading, there are quite a few factors to consider. Let’s quickly go over the reasons for this:

Too Much Sun:

If you have a job that requires you to be on the field, then it might be one of the reasons for the fading of your colour. Exposure to UV rays can lead to bleaching of your colour slowly.

Hot Showers:

Frequent hot showers can also lead to colour losing its pigmentation. Since the cuticle is exposed to hot water and purple pigment does not easily settle on the cuticle, frequent hot showers wash away the pigmentation slowly.

Shampooing Too Soon:

Another reason to lose the colour is that you may have shampooed too soon after your dye leading to fading of hair colour.

Hard Water:

Hard water contains elements like magnesium and calcium which build up in your hair and prevent the colour from settling down causing it to wash away easily.

Now that we know what causes the purples to fade too quickly for semi-permanent or over time with permanent dyes, we can take steps to prevent this from happening in the future. Let’s examine ways to stop purple hair from fading, both preventatively and therapeutically:

1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Frequently: Since washing hair is one of the reasons for fading the purple colour, avoid it in the initial days of dyeing. If you have to wash then use a dry shampoo to remove excess oil.

2. Invest In Conditioning Dye: Purchase a proper and deep conditioning conditioner with an intensive purple hair mask. This will help in moisturizing your scalp and preventing dryness also protecting the pigments from washing away.

3. Research On The Proper Shampoos: Your regular shampoos contain sulfate which will strip the hair of its colour leading to fade it over time. In some cases, it can also cause scalp irritation due to the reaction with the pigment. Avoid clarifying and anti-dandruff shampoo too as they can strip away the purple colour. Instead, opt for shampoos that are designed for dyed hair and free of sulphate.

4. Avoid Hot Showers: For a while, try to avoid taking hot showers as much as you can. If you want a hot shower, make sure to seal your hair properly with a shower cap to prevent the hot water from penetrating your scalp and robbing it of its colour.

5. Cold Showers: The right opposite of hot showers helps protect your hair colour by closing the follicle. Cold showers also help in the duration of the colour by not letting the pigment flow away easily. Another way is, you can use warm water, not hot, at first to clear your hair of the dirt from the pores and then shift to cold water to seal the follicle before too much purple pigmentation is lost.

6. Protect From The Sun And Also Chlorine, Get A Cap: I understand you’d want to flaunt your purple luscious locks in front of people, and you should. But not at the cost of losing its shine and colour. So, when you are out on a sunny day, get one of those fashionable caps to protect your hair from direct exposure to UV rays. Once you are away from the sun, you can get it right away to show your lustrous locks. Also, if you are planning for a pool day, make sure you protect your hair from chlorine as it can mess up the beautiful purple colour. Use a shower or swimming cap in the pool and once you are off the pool, rinse your hair properly to wash away some of the chlorine that may have entered.


Although keeping your purple hair in good condition is not a difficult task, it is a continuous task that needs to be carefully planned and scheduled. Only choose purple hair if you have the time to maintain it; otherwise, choose another colour, such as brown or a sombre tone, which requires less maintenance.

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