Can You Dye A Synthetic Wig?

can you dye a synthetic wig

When you like trying wigs for changing your looks, one problem you may face is falling short of closet space to store them. At this point, dyeing the wigs come into mind. But does this work and can actually help you get a refreshed look? Read on to know more?

Can You Dye Synthetic Wig?

Yes, synthetic wigs can be dyed but when these are made of real human hair, it is easier while difficult for the synthetic wigs. Also, there is a chance of ruining the wigs in the process. Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs and are available in different color variations too. So, purchasing a new wig to alter your hairstyle but if you want to try renewing your current wig at home, dyeing is a fair option.

Why Is Dyeing Synthetic Wigs Difficult?

Processed fibers are used for creating synthetic wigs. This includes acrylic, polyvinyl or polyester fibers that are usually not easy to dye. Such materials lack the natural pigments found in real human hair, because of which the regular hair dyes might not work effectively. But fabric dyes made for synthetic and polyester material are a good choice when you want to dye the wig.

One important thing to note is that you can not bleach synthetic wigs, so if you want to dye them, the color has to be darker than the wig’s color. The easiest ones to dye are white, silver and pastel color wigs.

Process Of Dyeing A Synthetic Wig

Steps to be followed while dyeing a synthetic wig:

  • Gather The Tools: A synthetic wig that is heat-resistant, fabric dye, large pot, apron, stove, disposable gloves, water and newspapers.
  • Put on your apron and gloves before starting the process, so your clothes or hands do not get dyed. Lay the newspapers around the workspace so the floors are not affected by the dye.
  • Boil a large water pot. It should have enough space to fit the wig which has to be dyed. A cup of water needs 3 tsps of fabric dye. To the boiling water, add the fabric dye and let it simmer.
  • Damp the wig to dye it easily. Then add it to the pot. Leaving it longer will result in a darker shade. So, keep checking and removing once the desired color is attained.
  • Use cold water to rinse the wig after removing it from the pot. Continue this till the water runs clear.
  • Let the wig dry by placing it on a wig stand.

Tips To Follow While Dyeing Synthetic Wig:

  • Use wide-toothed combs for combing your synthetic wig.
  • If you want to blow dry your wig, use a cool setting.
  • Avoid soaking the wig for over 15 minutes otherwise, it would become brittle and coarse.

Transforming a synthetic wig can be challenging, hence it is important to follow the tips and steps mentioned above, to get the desired results. A little bit of effort and you can flaunt a fresh style

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