Can You Use Hair Dye on Eyebrows?

Can You Use Hair Dye on Eyebrows

Coloring and bleaching hair are widespread trends that people love to follow, but only some are ready to try coloring eyebrows. Our eyebrows are one of the unique features that accentuate our faces. People use eyebrow pencils, gels, and serums to enhance the look of their eyebrows; however, all of them are temporary solutions.

A more semi-permanent procedure available in the salon that can color your eyebrows is known as eyebrow tinting. While discussing tinting, some people seemed confused and questioned, can you use hair dye on eyebrows or use only the dyes made for brow hairs to bring the desired color.

In our discussion further, we will get the answer to this question and also enlighten why hair dye is not recommended on eyebrows and what impact it can make.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is dyeing your eyebrow hair using a semi-permanent dye made specifically for the eyebrows. It helps to enhance the shape of an eyebrow and bring a balanced and neat look to the face.

A brow tint is made with ingredients that are mild, work gently, and do not cause any adverse effects. Since the eyes and surrounding areas are sensitive, and any chemical can cause harm, mild components such as vegetable dye (1) or henna are used for the purpose.

A brow tint contains fewer chemicals that are not strong enough to cause harm to the delicate skin. It is designed to change the color of the eyebrows so that it uplifts the natural hair color and makes it look fuller and neat. Often, people with scarce eyebrow hair use eyebrow tints to give their brows a more pronounced appearance.

Can You Tint Eyebrows with Hair Dye?

eyebrows with hair dye

Hair dye is composed of strong chemicals (2) that alter the color of hair shafts. It gently opens the cuticle and allows the color molecules to penetrate the outer layers of the hair. As the color molecules adhere to the outer layer of the hair shaft they get deposited onto the surface of the hair.

Tinting eyebrows with hair dye is typically not recommended. Some of the reasons why it should not be used for coloring eyebrow hair include the following-

  • Not safe for your eyes: The eyes and the area around them are very sensitive. The dye that you use to color your hair can be right for your scalp but not necessarily safe for your eyebrows. The harmful fumes from the chemical dye can lead to irritation, pain or redness to your eyes.
  • Can cause damage to the skin: The severe chemicals present in the hair dye, if applied to the eyebrows, can cause harm to the delicate skin around the eyebrows or eyes. These chemicals may also cause eye infections or trouble with vision.
  • Different color: The type of hair strands of the head and eyebrows are very different from each other. So, the dye color that suits the hair on the scalp might not be suitable for the eyebrow hair. At the same time, the hair dye will not be as stable and look as natural on the eyebrows as it will be on the hair.

Adverse Effects of Hair Dye on Eyebrow Hairs

Here are some side effects that you may encounter while using hair dye on eyebrow hair-

  • skin allergy and irritation due to strong chemicals in hair dye
  • irritation in the eye and, in severe cases, affecting the vision
  • uneven color as coarse and thick hair will not absorb hair dye readily
  • overprocessing, dryness, and breakage of eyebrow hair, especially when kept for long
  • staining of the surrounding areas, including the forehead, eyelids, and cheeks

While hair dye is not recommended for eyebrow hair, if you still use it take help of a professional. Professional hair colorists are trained to assess skin sensitivity, select appropriate dye formulations, and apply dye safely to minimize the risk of adverse reactions and achieve optimal results.

Instead of hair dye, choosing eyebrow tint is safe for your general well-being.

Benefits of Tinting

  • Makes the eyebrows look fuller, attractive, and more proportional.
  • Painless procedure.
  • Tinting lasts up to 4-6 weeks.
  • No need for any more filling in every time you apply full face makeup.
  • Does not smudge or spread when wiping.


Some of the people who are not aware about the fact that eyebrow tinting is done using a completely different dye, might be tempted to use a hair dye to tint their eyebrows. But we would not recommend trying it at all. Doing so can adversely affect your skin, eyebrows, or your eyes.

So, the answer to the common query, can you use hair dye on eyebrows is NO.

We would advise that rather than using hair dye at home, use the professional tinting services to get the perfect eyebrows.

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