Why Are My Eyebrows So Light?

why are my eyebrows so light

Eyebrows are a crucial part of our facial features that affect our looks. We can see people having eyebrows whose color doesn’t match the color of their hair. Changing the eyebrow shade is also trending to create a different look and is done with a powder or pencil, for the blondes having lighter brows. In this article, let us see why the eyebrows of some people are very light.

My Eyebrows So Light

Reason For Lighter Eyebrows

Usually, the natural eyebrows are the darker or the same color as the hair on our head. For people with blonde or brown hair, completely blends with the skin color. But it is rare to find someone with dark hair and blonde brows.

Lighter brows are often due to less coarseness of hair or some pigmentation. Besides this, genetics also determines the color of your brows. Usually, with ageing, they tend to become lighter. During the summer season, excess exposure to sunlight or UV rays causes the hair to get bleached and appear lighter.

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Causes Of Eyebrows Hair Loss Leading To Lighter Brows

Eyebrow hair loss is one of the major reasons causing lighter eyebrows and can be caused by the following reasons:

1. Telogen Effluvium: This is abnormal hair loss caused by hormonal changes in the body.

2. Ageing: During the 40s, women’s estrogen and men’s testosterone levels fall, resulting in hair thinning.

3. Makeup and Excessive Plucking: When you over-pluck your eyebrows, minor trauma occurs, restricting the growth of brow hair. Strong makeup over a prolonged period also results in damage and prevents hair growth in the brows.

4. Stress: Excessive stress leads to physiological changes, reducing the flow of oxygen to the hair follicles, negatively affecting the hormone levels, and causing brow hair loss.

5. Diseases: Underlying diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, Seborrheic dermatitis, Tinea capitis, thyroid dysfunctioning and Hansen’s disease also result in hair loss in the eyebrows, making them lighter.

6. Deficiency of Nutrients: This includes a lack of proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that slow down hair growth. Among all, the major contribution is the lack of iron, vitamin E, D, B-12, iron, vitamin C, cysteine and omega 3 fatty acids.

Tips For Taking Care Of Eyebrows To Prevent Them From Lightening

Some simple and natural remedies to prevent the lightening of eyebrows because of hair loss are as follows:

  • Trim the eyebrows carefully. You can use a brow gel rather than trimming it, to keep the brow hair smooth.
  • Never over-tweeze because if you tweeze in the wrong direction accidentally, the blood vessels connected to the hair rupture, resulting in loss of hair, which never regrows.
  • Pamper your eyebrows by moisturizing them with a good moisturizer having herbal ingredients. Try to stay away from chemical-based products.
  • Apply a little amount of castor oil to the eyebrow hair after cleansing them thoroughly. Even olive oil can also be used. This nourishes the hair and helps in regrowth.

Usually, our whole body has the same colored hair but the shade might be somewhat different in different parts. Our hair care routine and the density of the hair determine the shade.

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