How To Remove Hair Dye From Nails

How to remove hair dye from nails

If you are a hairstylist professional, coloring at the parlor, or a non-professional, coloring your own hair at home, have probably experienced a random dye stain. The dye is very tough to remove from clothing and can permanently stain hard surfaces. Sometimes, hair dye even stains the fingernails. Removing stain from countertop is one thing, but eliminating stain from skin and fingernails are a different one.

Coloring the hair is a messy and long process and you can expect a pinch of coloring may touch your scalp as well as your forehead.

However, you may not notice the dye on your nails until you finish the whole process. Try to read the forthcoming simple and effective solution to get hair dye off the nails.

How To Prevent The Nails From Hair Dye

Mostly everyone can be heard the proverb ” prevention is better than cure”. It is always best to think things before you start any business, hair dying is no exception.

You should think even harder when you doing it for the head. Therefore before began dying your hair, ensure you have gone through the prevention checklist. You must avoid the hair dye stains on the nails, to protect have a look below

  • Use plastic wrap or old newspaper to cover the area that you are working in and also all exposed surfaces. You can generously use plastic bags or tin foil as an alternative.
  • You can try vaseline to prevent the headlines from hair dye stains. Apply it in enough amounts but make sure it is not into the hair.
  • It is a good thing that all the hair dyes come with a pair of gloves. The gloves serve to prevent the hands with nails from irritation or staining. Some of you may feel uncomfortable wearing gloves, but keep in mind they are highly beneficial and assist you to save from stress!

Remove Hair Dye From The Fingernails

The first thing you must remember is to act very quickly as soon as you have got hair dye stain on the nail. In fact, you should have an emergency hair dye removal product ready before you start the dying process.

It can be something like a wet cotton ball that you can use to wipe off any slipped dye before it set into the skin or fingernails.

If you failed to apply all the preventive measures as mentioned above and messed things up, you are still in a safe zone. In case the hair dye settled on the nail, you can depend on the upcoming procedure to get rid of the stains.

1. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has a rubbing nature, it exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. With the help of baking soda property, you can remove the hair dye off the skin or nails too.

To do this, take two tables spoons of baking soda in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of water as well as two tablespoons of Apple cider vinegar. Mix it well, when this mixture is ready apply it to the nails and gently scrub it, then wash it.

2. Use Toothpaste

You may feel different when hearing about toothpaste to clear stains, but it is true, toothpaste can help to get rid of stains as efficiently equally to baking soda paste.

Scrubbing crystal in the toothpaste assists you to make the teeth whiter same technique can work for nails too. Which aids to remove dead skin along with impurities.

The good news is that all the toothpaste will not have an irritating effect. If you have lighter stains, it is enough to apply the toothpaste and find magic in a couple of minutes.

In case, the stains are still present in the nail, repeat the process once again. After this process makes sure to wash your hands and nails completely.

3. Use Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is often used as an emollient to prevent the skin from irritation like wind or frost. In addition, it can also be used as a moisturizer since it forms a protective layer on the skin.

Generally petroleum jelly acts as the safest home remedy for removing stains. You can simply apply some amount onto the nails and ensure you are covering all the hard stains. Let it for a while, then rub it gently to remove the stain.

4. Use Nail Polish Remover

Everyone heard of nail polish remover which can be used to remove nail polish. Not only nail polish, but also clean tough dye stains on nails also can be eliminated using this remover.

Most nail polish removers contain acetone which has a similar effect like baking soda. It acts as an abrasive and removes the dye from the nail in a fraction of a second.

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5. Use Baby Oil

If you have baby oil, try the gentle way to pull out difficult dye stains. You have to do is, rub a little bit of baby oil on the stain before going to sleep. In the morning, wash your hands with hand wash or normal soap, you will find a clear nails for sure.

Final Words

Hoping that, the above-given methods will work for you too. If you feel any burning sensation by doing these procedures, stop the method right away and ensure you remove all the chemicals that are left from the nails.

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