Why Does My Nail Polish Peel Off?

why do my gel polish peel off

Imagine you just got a manicure and spent time painting your nails but saw your nail polish peeling off before you could flaunt it before your peers. Isn’t it heartbreaking? The nail polish often peels off within a few days, and you do not know the reason behind it. It becomes an infuriating condition when you don’t know how to fix it. Therefore, in this article, we have covered everything you would like to know about your peeling nail polish. Let’s discuss why the gel nail polish peels off and how to prevent it from happening. We will also provide information on fixing the gel nail polish if it has already started peeling and the preventive measures you can take.

Why My Nail Polish Peel Off?

Reasons Why The Nail Polish Peels Off and How You Can Avoid Them Seeing your gel nail polish peeling off too early is disheartening. Imagine you color-matched your nail polish with tomorrow’s outfit, but you saw it peeling off in the morning. We understand how annoying it could be. Therefore, we have listed the possible cause for it and how you can prevent it from happening. Check them out!

1. Applying Thick Nail Polish

If you have applied a very thick coat of nail polish, the chances of it getting peeled off quickly and easily increase. Generally, to get proper shade, it is advised to apply at least 2 or 3 coats of nail polish. But, if it is too thick, it does not create a strong bond with the nail. Also, nail polish takes time to dry. If you apply another coat without letting the previous one dry, it will cause peeling. Therefore, either apply thin coats or do not apply another coat before the first one gets dried completely.

2. The Nails Were Not Prepared

If the nails and cuticles are not properly prepared, it will cause the nail polish to peel off easily. It is important that the cuticles are pushed back and trimmed, or else they will cause a ledge. Likewise, give attention to the nails’ health. Until they are not healthy, well-moisturized, and hydrated, the nail polish will not last for longer. Similarly, if the nails are too greasy, the nail polish will come out before it should. Therefore, clean your nails properly with nail polish remover or alcohol pads before applying nail polish. Apply some base coat or buff the nails to give them some texture. Now apply your nail polish as it will hold the grip and stay longer.

3. Applying Old or Low-Quality Nail Polish

i. Old Nail Polish – If you are using old nail polish, the chances of it peeling off are relatively high. Since old nail polish gets thick and tacky, it does not adhere to the nails properly. To make it thin, add a few drops of nail polish remover to your nail polish bottle, shake well and then use.

ii. Cheap Nail Polish – If you use a poor quality nail polish, it will not stick to the nails for longer. Do not expect a poor brand to stay in your nails for more than a day. It is better to invest in branded nail polish rather than getting a cheaper one and then complaining about it getting peeled off.

4. Drying Nail Polish Under a UV Lamp

Expecting the nail polish to stay longer is foolish until the nails are not properly cured. If you get bubbly nail polish after using the UV lamp, your nails are not properly cured. Applying a thick coat causes incorrect curing. Therefore, always apply it in thin layers and change the UV Lamp bulb every three months.

5. Filing or Cutting Nails with Gel Nail Polish

If you recently had a manicure, you might get annoyed with the long length, wondering if you could cut or file the nails with gel nail polish. Well, it could be the worst decision you could make. It breaks the seal and peels the polish off your nails. So, cut or file your nails only when the gel nail polish is off.

How To Fix The Gel Nail Polish When it Has Started Peeling Off

The best thing you can do at this time is to clip off the piece from the corner where the nail polish is peeling off. Now fill the edge down and smoothen it against the nails. If you do not have a similar color, find the shade almost matching it and spot that peeled section. Once it gets dried, paint over the entire nail. Prevention is always better than cure. Take extra care of your manicured hands so that nail polish does not peel off and stay longer.

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