How To Take Off Dip Nail Polish?

how to take off dip nail polish

Those who love manicures will find dip powder nails the best options as these offer a shine that is chip-resistant and stays on for a longer time compared to gel nail polish or other natural manicures. Dip nail polish is a combination of nail glue and coloured nail powder to create a durable manicure and also doesn’t need UV light for curing.

Why Is Difficult To Remove Dip Nail Polish?

To apply dip nail polish, resin and powder are layered, resulting in the creation of a thicker manicure. Removing it has a chance of damaging the natural nails. Hence, it has to be done by a professional and needs a lot of patience.

How To Remove Dip Nail Polish?

Here are two ways of removing the dip nail polish:

1. Soaking Technique:

Tools needed:

Nail clipper, nail file, small bowl, acetone and a cuticle pusher made of wood.

Step by Step Process:

  • Cut the fake nail extensions first and then remove the color by filing. The trimming has to be done till the length is the same as the natural nail below. Filing the color makes it easier to remove the powder nail polish.
  • E-file is a perfect option to speed up the process. These are nail drills that professionals use so in case you are unaware of them, avoid using them to eliminate the chances of damage.
  • To remove the remaining nail polish, soak your nails in an acetone bowl. This might take some time so you need to have patience. In case this doesn’t come off even in 10 minutes, you need to soak them for longer.
  • Finally scrape the remaining nail polish towards the top of your nail by using a wooden cuticle pusher. This has to be repeated till all the nail polish is removed. Make sure not to rush as it can damage the nail beds. Also, never try to rip off the power nails as this can lead to extreme nail damage.
  • Show your nails some tender loving care by filing them to the desired shape and applying cuticle oil to strengthen them after the removal process.

Alternative To Acetone While Removing Powder Nail Polish

If you want to avoid acetone for the removal of powder nail polish, use substitutes such as a mixture of baking soda with toothpaste; vinegar and alcohol. But experts recommend not using these as these might provide the same outcome in removing the powder nail polish as acetone.

2. Foil Technique:

  • First, file the top shiny coat of the powder nail polish to let some acetone penetrate it.
  • To the cuticle, apply some petroleum jelly so the nail bed remains protected during the removal process
  • Take a cotton ball dipped in acetone and wrap it around each nail using aluminum foil. The process becomes faster by keeping hot towels and plastic bags in each hand.
  • After 10-15 minutes, remove the foil wraps to wrap off any leftover powder. In case this doesn’t remove the nail polish, you can swipe some acetone to get rid of the remaining.

Acetone used in the removal process can dry your skin, so make sure to keep the nails nourished by using moisturizing creams and cuticle oil. This will enhance the life of your manicure.

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